August 20, 2014 / 24th of Av, 5774
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Sukkot 2014 begins at sundown on Wednesday, October 8. The holiday continues for a week, culminating in Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, which are the same day in Reform and Israeli traditions and successive days in Conservative and Orthodox traditions.

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    The next major holiday after Passover is Shavuot; how are these holidays connected? By Rabbi Dan Liben Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot are the three biblical pilgrimage festivals that celebrate the seasonal harvests: spring, summer and fall. In the days of the First and Second Temples, our... Read More
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    We don’t have a blinged-out booth. No rolled bamboo mats. No PVC piping. No hammer and nails. No fancy and elaborate decorations. Plenty of function, plenty of seating, and no, I don’t get Sukkah-envy. I’m down with the quick-and-easy Sukkah. After all, the Hebrews... Read More
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    We Jews have recently spent many, many hours, even days, praying in the synagogue during the High Holy Days. As powerful and meaningful as these days are, there is a shadow side to them as well. We tend to over associate God and God’s presence with the space we’ve just had these... Read More
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    I finished my run and approached my house, where I discovered pine boughs in a large heap—about three feet tall, 10 feet long, and five feet wide. In the heavy rain, their needles glistened as I soaked in the fresh smell filling the yard. The town of Brookline had kindly dropped off... Read More
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    There’s an acorn squash on my countertop. There’s canned pumpkin in the cupboard. I’ve got a half-bushel of apples next to the microwave. And there’s a big turkey in the freezer. Yup yup, it’s fall Sukkot. Don’t be fooled by those who tell you that... Read More
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    Sukkot, starting Wednesday night, is the Jewish holiday with a focus on hospitality. Many Jews step out of their everyday homes to eat and sometimes sleep in temporary structures outdoors. There they often welcome guests throughout the week enjoying good food, good company and evenings under the... Read More
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    Today’s “debrief” of the harvest festival of Sukkot, which follows the High Holidays, comes from the one and only Matthew Lowe, whom I have the pleasure of calling my partner. I’ve always found Sukkot to be a very romantic time. The commandment to be happy combined with... Read More
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    With the harvest festival of Sukkot right around the corner (it starts on Wednesday, Sept. 18!), we asked our friends at The Gallows in the South End to create a special holiday cocktail just for us, and they kindly obliged (see their homemade High Holiday cocktails here). Bar manager Mo Shanly... Read More
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    Rosh Hashanah may be over, but fall is only beginning and Sukkot is just around the corner. So the classic pairing of apples and honey is just as relevant as it was last week. I look at this duo as a jumping-off point—a basic combination that you can riff on by introducing some other... Read More
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    Sukkahs of the world is looking for a picture of your 2013 sukkah. Pictures with people are great. If you live in the Sharon, MA, area we would be happy to visit when you are building your sukkah especially on Sunday or if you are with your friends and family during the Sunday of Chol Hamoed. Or... Read More