March 3, 2015 / 12th of Adar, 5775
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  • Guava_bread_pudding.jpg
    Ever since Steven Peljovich took over famed Coolidge Corner eatery Michael’s Deli in 2012, his work has been all about balance: balancing the deli’s storied reputation with his new ownership, and balancing its classic Jewish deli fare with his new, modern takes. He’s... Read More
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  • Beet_eggs.jpg
    My favorite part of Purim is the tradition of mishloach manot, which allows you to share the eating, drinking and general merriment that the holiday mandates. The tradition was originally used to ensure that everyone had enough to eat during the holiday, but it’s also seen now as a... Read More
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  • Pierogi_dumplings_2.jpg
    With Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year, the next week offers lots of opportunities for good eating. There’s a strong chance you’ve already got your chocolate-laden menu lined up for Saturday, so Mei Li from Mei Mei Restaurant (and the food truck Mei Mei Street... Read More
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  • Poprockchoc.jpg
    You may have seen the recent Buzzfeed video in which Americans tasted popular Israeli snacks for the first time. Reactions ran the gamut from “I hate them but I want more of them” (Bamba Peanut Snacks) to “This is the successful, globe-trotting older brother of the Kit... Read More
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  • Dip.jpg
    My mom has an uncanny ability to whip up food for a crowd at a moment’s notice. It probably stems from years of entertaining, first for my parents’ friends, and then for sports teams, neighbors and friends of my siblings’ and mine. She’s always self-effacing, too.... Read More
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  • Beetandpom.jpg
    Pomegranate seeds are small but mighty. Their brilliant magenta color stands out in any dish. Their snappy kernels pop in your mouth. And, despite their size, they pack a mighty hit of sweet and tart flavor. You can buy pomegranate seeds outside of their fruit, or you can remove them... Read More
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  • Challah_bullseye.jpg
    When I was younger, long weekends meant sleeping in and waking up to my dad in the kitchen preparing one of the very few recipes in his limited cooking repertoire: “bullseyes.” For some reason, two ingredients—eggs and toast—that are often served side by side are... Read More
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  • Chickenbites.jpg
    I’m not sure who decided to schedule the culmination of the professional football season at the beginning of the year, but it feels like a personal attack on my annual attempt to eat healthfully. I’m already priming myself for the situation I know I’ll find myself in on... Read More
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  • Cheesefort.jpg
    Between Hanukkah and Christmas, December is filled with a surplus of food and drink. And if you celebrated either of these holidays, there’s a good chance you’ve got leftover cheese and wine in your refrigerator. Fromage fort, a French cheese spread, puts both of those to good... Read More
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  • Salt2.jpg
    As a lifelong procrastinator, I’m often frantically looking for last-minute gifts for party hosts and coworkers mere days before the end of the holidays. The perfect last-minute gift is something thoughtful, but also something whose pretty appearance belies how quick it was to... Read More
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