May 25, 2015 / 7th of Sivan, 5775
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    Just a month ago, I had the incredible pleasure of going to Israel for just my third time.  (I never imagined I would say ‘just’ when it came to international travel!). It was a combination business and pleasure travel based around The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival and my... Read More
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    (This blog also appears on the israel360 website.) Members of the Presbyterian Church, USA (PCUSA) think about Israel a lot. Way back in the summer of 2012, PCUSA voted on two measures targeting Israel – the first, a boycott of Israeli goods produced in settlements and the second,... Read More
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  • Db01
    For the fourth year in a row I spent a sleepless Shabbat in Jerusalem.It's not necessarily Jerusalem's fault that I'm up until 3 in the morning every time I'm there. Given the timing of Prozdor's vacations and flights, inevitably we arrive late on a Wednesday or Thursday, eat dinner, and then... Read More
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  • Cold_thermometer_large
    It’s been a frigid week across the world, and with the haunting music of “Sweater Weather” hijacking the radio airwaves and getting completely stuck in my head, here’s my four-part harmony supporting how that song just makes too much sense this week. In Jerusalem... Read More
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  • Abramahm_medium
    A hundred people a year who visit Jerusalem, who otherwise look and sound just like us, ditch their street clothes for hotel sheets and ordinary conversation for ranting, meandering sermons. Why is that? (Note: This blog is in no way intended to make light of mental illness. Sixty million... Read More
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  • Brad1_medium
    Bradley Chalupski isn’t a prisoner. He’s just a guy from New Jersey who lives in Jerusalem and wants to represent Israel in the most IMPORTANT EVENT FOR ATHLETES ON THE PLANET! Israel, we don’t ask much of you. Sure, we like to talk about you behind your back. I mean,... Read More
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  • 971199_632782500079989_1909786177_n_large
    New York City has more than 500 food trucks. Boston has almost 60. And now, Israel has one. In July, the “Auto-Ochel” (or “FoodTrip”) hit the streets of Jerusalem on its first stop of a three-week run. Part food truck and part pop up, this mobile kitchen has been stopping... Read More
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  • Ball_large
    I had a rare treat last night, taking my two sons to Fenway for a Red Sox game. After surprising them with the news that they were going to a Red Sox game, not Daddy’s softball game, we bade the girls goodbye and drove into town. Ostensibly this treat was a birthday present for my... Read More
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  • Screen_shot_2013-07-27_at_10.45.03_pm_large
    A Woman Dancing in Jerusalem KAYLA YATES, Northeastern University '17, is spending her summer interning at ALYN, a pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation hospital in Jerusalem, Israel.  Kayla is a participant of the Boston Onward Israel 2013 program. Wrinkles of time, the melody... Read More
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              1. A delivery boy stealing a rugelah from a stand in the shuk (popped it in his mouth and winked at me)2. A bored looking woman checking texts at the Wall3. A shop owner in the shuk giving out free shots and dancing with patrons during the mele an hour... Read More
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