July 29, 2014 / 2nd of Av, 5774
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  • Exhausted_santa_large
    Growing up in America, we might feel like we know everything there is to know about Christmas. I mean, it's everywhere, from television specials to muzak to more tinsel than you can shake a candy cane at. But the superficial trappings of the holiday, however fun they might be, belie a complex... Read More
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  • Molly_parr
    When my husband, Rich, and I first started dating, I wanted to share as much from my culture as I could. He learned to sing “Shalom Aleichem” very quickly, and even started insisting we wash before making motzi (the blessing said over challah). Catholics don’t do anything... Read More
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  • Flickr-4946013781-original
    Every Friday night my husband, Rich, and I observe Shabbat, which for us means getting a Cheryl Ann's challah. That's too much bread for the two of us to eat in one meal, so on the weekends Rich has taken to making French toast with the leftovers. For the Christmas season, it was suggested to us... Read More
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  • 2208283_c6699446
    Christmas Mass seems to fascinate lots of Jews, perhaps because in a holiday that is otherwise overflowing with presents and boozy signature drinks, this is the one element that resembles our own High Holidays, and I’ll leave it to you to figure out the implications of that statement.... Read More
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  • Flickr-4185989913-hd
    Chanukah is not, religiously speaking, a major holiday. It's been elevated in order to make Jewish children feel less left out during the Christmas season. Even so, in terms of matching the sheer commercial firepower of Christmas, Chanukah isn't even in the same league. Some families make an... Read More
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  • Jews-did-christmas-art_large
    The revelry, the songbook, the lights, the presents, lying to children about where presents come from…it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Some people love it, and Jews living in multifaith families feel the compulsion to include both Chanukah and Christmas. But many American... Read More
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  • Eucharist_medium
    After learning about Advent, now I get to blog about the big kahuna: Christmas. I wanted to know how different Christian churches celebrate the holiday. I know that Jewish holidays are celebrated differently in synagogues of different denominations -- some synagogues use much more Hebrew than... Read More
  • Drinks_medium
    Surely we can’t have any holiday without a little cheer. Sometimes that cheer comes in the form of gifts and food, but in this case, we are talking about cheer in alcohol form. L’Chaim! The Naughty and Nice list1. Sazerac Cocktail2. No You Can’t Substitute with Egg-Beaters... Read More
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  • Country-christmas-church-carol-sweetwood_medium
    When I started thinking about what Jews might want to know about Christmas, I realized that there’s probably some diversity among Christians as to how they celebrate the holiday. I decided to write two blogs about the religious differences among Christians at Christmas. This post will be... Read More
  • Christmas_cards_large
    Christmas is a holiday steeped in traditional and lore – but where did those customs come from, and are the legends true? A closer look reveals more than few quirky backstories. Pining for Christmas TreesO, Tannenbaum, O, Tannenbaum, how muddled is your history! The first recorded... Read More
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