February 12, 2016 / 3rd of Adar, 5776
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    Composer and performer Galeet Dardashti pulls together music and culture reaching back almost 3,000 years for her new piece Monajat - Fervent Prayer, which will be presented this Thursday at the Granoff Music Center at Tufts University. The Boston performance, presented by the Boston Jewish... Read More
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    Holidays are a great time for families to celebrate together, but all holiday celebrations are not created equal. Here's a list of holiday programs and religious services specifically tailored for parents and kids to enjoy together. We'll continue to update this list, so if you know of something... Read More
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    Certain times of year bring out certain songs in my cd collection. Come May, you will hear Little Feat's Dixie Chicken blaring from my car and home. And during the high holidays, a song by Peter Himmelman (Dylan's observant son-in-law), Impermanent Things, just sticks in my head. This year, I... Read More
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    This Saturday night many Ashkenazi Jews will begin reciting a series of prayers called "Selichot."  Sephardic Jews already started reciting them a few weeks ago at the beginning of the Jewish month of Elul.  The tunes are heartfelt, and the music suggests that we are reaching out to G-d... Read More
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    Judaism is a study in contrasts.   We are meant to see that for every calamity, there is redemption.  For every curse, there is a blessing.  For everyone in despair, there is hope.  Recall that last week, in Ki Tavo, we were cursed for fifty-four verses of the tochecha... Read More

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