October 21, 2014 / 27th of Tishrei, 5775
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  • Istock_000009537804small.jpg
    I love painting. I’m no pro, but there’s something cathartic and amazing about the feeling you get when you drag a paintbrush loaded with paint across a surface. I especially enjoy painting because it’s a way to express yourself even if you think you’re not... Read More
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  • Tova_speter.jpg
    Artist and art therapist Tova Speter’s work can be seen throughout the world. I was lucky enough to chat with her about her murals and how the process of making them brings communities together. I discovered you because I walked by a mural in Cambridge and was struck by what I saw. On... Read More
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  • Rs31163_5_patkin-10_500.jpg
    Last week we talked beaches, and this week we’re heading west! Whether you pick a stop for the day or make a full weekend of it, the Berkshires is alive with arts and culture all summer long. It’s a perfect, relaxing Shabbat retreat with a little something for everyone. Dance If... Read More
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  • Orly4_large
    Snow got you thinking of fun winter activities? Let’s hope the pretty white stuff sticks around for this exciting event on March 2, since the thought of seeing Israeli-made artwork by snowshoe is just too oxymoronically perfect to miss! With the powerful stature and presence of her... Read More
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  • Ksa_color266
    NORWOOD, MASS. (Issued January 2014)  -- In one room, children devised an original rhythmic beat in a ‘drum circle.’  In another room, kids developed Rube Goldberg-style inventions from recyclable materials. And in another, students stood before a green screen and created... Read More
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  • Honeycomb_sculpture_large
    Boston is abuzz with local honey these days. What was once a specialty hobby is now becoming mainstream with urban beehives popping up throughout the city. In addition to being a trendy anti-oxidant, local honey has been found to help cure certain allergies and have many other health benefits... Read More
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  • Dsc_0030_large
    By Bob Nechin Ein Hod is an artists' village in Israel, just south of Haifa, not far from the Mediterranean coast. Nestled in the foothills of the Carmel Mountains, we look down through olive groves and fields to the sea beyond. Ein Hod is home to over 130 artists, writers, sculptors, actors... Read More
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  • Caren_large
    When I viewed Caren Zane Fishman’s colorful mosaics at a gallery show, the first thought I had was that they’d make fantastic gifts. With wedding season just around the corner, I’ve checked in with her to find out more about her art and how to choose just the right present. I... Read More
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  • Papercut2_large
    What IS papercutting, you ask? Well, if you think of the paper snowflakes you made when you were little, you're not so far off. Papercutting, simply, is the art of creating designs out of simple sheets of paper by creating positive and negative space (or in English, by making a design and cutting... Read More
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  • American-gypsy-wedding-2-284x212_medium
    I love wedding-themed reality TV. I don’t know a female who doesn’t. Say Yes to the Dress (both New York and Atlanta, not to mention Bridesmaids), Four Weddings, you get the picture. I watch a show like Say Yes and marvel at all the pretty dresses, which ones I like and don’t... Read More
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