July 30, 2015 / 14th of Av, 5775
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  • Knish_large
    I fell down an Internet rabbit hole the other night. I ended up spending more time than I’m willing to admit watching videos of people making knishes. Weird, right? It all started with my cousin Alison’s suggestion for this week’s post. She thought it might be fun to put a... Read More
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  • Scourtins_large
    Between this week’s running of the Boston Marathon and next week’s observance of Yom HaShoah, I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of food in commemorating difficult—and oftentimes tragic—events. Food can mean comfort, like a homemade casserole delivered to a... Read More
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  • Img_2470_std_large
    Before the New Center for Arts & Culture held its first Mimouna celebration in Boston five years ago, most Bostonians had never heard this slightly odd-sounding word. (Now it’s so popular that you can read all about it in last week’s Boston Globe!) Even harder for most to believe... Read More
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  • Muffinsgood_large
    On Passover, we are reminded that we are not just a member of our immediate family or one specific community; as Jews, we are members of a bigger family, with millions of brothers and sisters all over the world. Boston’s Jewish community extends all the way to the Ukraine, to a city... Read More
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  • Istock_000019971282small_large
    Every few years, Marathon Monday coincides with Passover. As Jews in Boston, this can cause a bit of a moral and culinary dilemma, from pre-run carbo-loading to marathon cheering beers to dinner in the North End following the Patriot’s Day Reenactment. So what are we marathon-loving Jews to... Read More
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  • Quinoa_cakes_large
    It’s easy to group quinoa in with chametz—that is, a list of five grains that are forbidden during Passover because they will leaven when they come in contact with water. But quinoa doesn’t explicitly fall into one of those five categories, and while its kosher-ness is hotly... Read More
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  • Matzah_brei_large
    The first time I ate matzah brei, I was in college and a friend was pouring maple syrup over a matzah-and-egg mixture that she swore was her favorite Passover dish. I was suspicious. I wasn’t averse to eating eggs and matzah, but I certainly wasn’t anticipating enjoying wet matzah.... Read More
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  • Cod_cakes_large
    I’ve made this cod cake recipe several times, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser. But with bread used as the binder, it was prohibited for Passover. So instead of sandwich bread, I ground up a few pieces of matzah in the food processor and made my own “bread” crumbs. They... Read More
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  • Cookies_large
    Passover baking is not easy. You’re not allowed several important baking ingredients, including wheat flour. But since the popularity of gluten-free eating has hit an all-time high, there are alternatives available in every supermarket. This recipe uses one of those ingredients, potato... Read More
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  • Meatballs_large
    So Asian meatballs may not be a traditional Passover dish. But these are great on the days you just can’t have any more peanut butter matzah sandwiches. The flavor of this dish—thanks to the cilantro, basil and ginger—is far from anything you’re likely to eat during... Read More
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