October 4, 2015 / 21st of Tishrei, 5776
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  • Cukesoup_jpg.jpg
    After the 80-degree days we had earlier this week, digging into some soup may not seem so appealing. But not all soups are meant to keep you warm on a chilly night. Some—such as this chilled cucumber soup—can keep you cool on a hot day. My roommates and I have finally gotten around to... Read More
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  • Blintzes.jpg
    You don’t need a passport to travel around the world; you just need a kitchen. Through cooking and eating you can experience the diverse menu of the Jewish diaspora one bite at a time. I’m always interested in finding parallel dishes in cuisines of different cultures, and one of... Read More
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  • Ice_cream_cake.jpg
    While deciding on a kid-friendly Shabbat recipe, I was witness to an accidental focus group. A couple of weeks ago, my brother and sister-in-law threw a birthday party for my nephew’s first birthday. They offered a great spread of sweets, including lollipops, fruit and a variety of homemade... Read More
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  • Sweetgreen.jpg
    Jonathan Neman founded sweetgreen with his two college roommates. Now the chopped salad chain is taking on the Boston market, with locations in Fort Point and Back Bay. The newest store is opening in Chestnut Hill this week. I asked Jonathan about the philanthropic philosophy behind the... Read More
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  • Falafel.jpg
    If I’m going to eat fried foods, they had better be worth the calories. And while I love a good falafel sandwich, there are sadly too many that just aren’t worth it. In Boston we’re lucky to have a wide array of these crispy balls—from straight-up Israeli-style chickpea to... Read More
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  • Potato_salad.jpg
    Summer may not officially begin until the end of June, but I always think of Memorial Day weekend as the kickoff to this long-awaited season of cookouts, long weekends and as much grilling as I can fit in between rainstorms. But the real significance of this weekend is often overshadowed by... Read More
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  • Gabeandmia.jpg
    Jews and Chinese food go together as well as Bert and Ernie. So you can imagine how excited I was to hear about Black Trumpet, Gabe Fine and Mia Scharpie’s brand-new kosher meat pop-up that focuses on Sichuan cuisine. I asked them about the concept and inspiration for their launch next... Read More
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  • Sweetpotatosandwich_large
    Growing up, my family celebrated all of the major—and many of the minor—Jewish holidays. But it wasn’t until I attended college that I realized just how many holidays there are in Judaism. It seemed like there was a party on the quad or a day off every other week to observe... Read More
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  • Einat_large
    This Monday evening, May 5, is Yom HaAtzma’ut, or Israel’s Independence Day. After more than 60 years, this small but mighty country has brought an incredible array of music, art and food to the world, changing how we see Jewish culture. In the U.S., Israeli chef Einat Admony is... Read More
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  • Knish_large
    I fell down an Internet rabbit hole the other night. I ended up spending more time than I’m willing to admit watching videos of people making knishes. Weird, right? It all started with my cousin Alison’s suggestion for this week’s post. She thought it might be fun to put a... Read More
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