April 25, 2015 / 6th of Iyar, 5775
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    Who will cook meals for the family when the mother is anchored to her sick child's bedside? And what happens when the mother herself is hospitalized? * The answer lies in the kitchens of Ezer Mizion volunteers and in the industrial kitchens that the organization runs * "No caterer could bring us... Read More
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                                                                              ... Read More
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    Happy first day of spring! My roommate, Catherine, and I were recently in an unusually nostalgic mood, recounting our favorite springtime memories. Mine were mostly about freshly cut softball fields and family walks around the neighborhood reservoir, but her most vivid memory was food-related.... Read More
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    First there was Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. And this weekend, there are two more overlapping holidays: Purim and St. Patrick’s Day. So, St. Patrick’s Day may not be as universal a holiday as Thanksgiving, but a celebration is a celebration—especially when it includes an excuse... Read More
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    This winter has been very long and very, very cold. But there is a light at the end of the frigid, wintry tunnel, and it occurs on Sunday, March 9. That’s daylight saving time, and I’m looking forward to it even more than usual this year. So much so that this week, I decided to... Read More
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    I don’t have any real ties to New Orleans. I’ve visited every state that surrounds Louisiana, and although the city has been a longtime fixture at the top of my list of future vacation destinations, I haven’t yet been. But you don’t have to live there or have visited to... Read More
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    I fell down an Internet rabbit hole the other day. It all started with an article about what athletes eat while training for the Olympics. From there, I hopped over to a blog post about how popular McDonald’s is with the participants (especially the snowboarders). Then, out of curiosity,... Read More
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    With all due respect to all of the amazing chefs who participated in last week’s “Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen” event, the best dish (in my opinion!) was the schmaltz bun with lamb by the line cook at Tres Gatos in Jamaica Plain. And when I found out the chef’s name was... Read More
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