July 28, 2015 / 12th of Av, 5775
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  • Chickpeas.jpg
    Last weekend I made my first trip of the summer to Provincetown for my friends’ wedding. While there, I was told by a coworker that I wasn’t allowed to leave town until I tried his friends’ new sandwich shop, Pop + Dutch. I did as I was told and left the store with one of... Read More
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  • Granola.jpg
    Homemade granola is the snack that keeps on giving. It only takes minutes to throw together and will feed you for days. I find that I’m most in need of this kind of grab-and-go food in the summer, when I’m dividing my time between hectic workweek mornings and weekends spent packed... Read More
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  • Eggplant.jpg
    If you’re part of a CSA, you know that every week can be like an episode of “Chopped.” The share usually includes easily identifiable staples, like zucchini and peppers, plus a surplus of salad greens that you do your best to use before they wilt. Then there are the less... Read More
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  • Istock_000020350895small.jpg
    Aside from weekend travel, the Fourth of July has me thinking about hot dogs and barbecues. And while this may not be a direct connection, it also gets me thinking about another form of beef I really adore—the corned variety. (None of that wet, round kind, but the real, flat,... Read More
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  • Popsicles1.jpg
    These popsicles need little explanation. To me, they symbolize summer and the Fourth of July. When I was younger, the holiday marked the middle of what my siblings and I dubbed the “Wednesday Races,” which were weekly foot races held at a nearby outdoor track after school let out... Read More
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  • Donuts.jpg
    Photo credit: Union Square Donuts It’s getting harder and harder for me to conduct these interviews in person. But when the person I’m supposed to be interviewing makes the best donuts in Boston, I make an exception! This week I chat with Josh Danoff, the man behind Union... Read More
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  • Mango_lassi.jpg
    In an ideal world, I’d have time to plan, prepare and leisurely consume a complete, well-rounded meal. But like most other people, I just can’t find the time. (And I’ve only got one mouth to feed. Parents, I respect you.) I often rely on smoothies for a tasty meal on the... Read More
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  • Meatballs.jpg
    One indisputable fact is that kids love to get their hands dirty. And what better way to do that than by mixing together the makings of sweet, glaze-y cocktail meatballs and then portioning them into two-bite appetizers? This recipe is inspired by a friend whose fondest Shabbat memories involve... Read More
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  • Crescent_rolls.jpg
    Recently a friend of mine was bemoaning what I believe is a common predicament among parents—she basically said that having her kids help prepare a meal is great, in theory. She has two young children who like to help her cook. She loves that they’re interested, but since she’s... Read More
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  • Ruth_and_michael.jpg
    I admit it—I’m a fan girl. Long before I picked up my beloved copy of “Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise”—a great read if you’ve ever been curious about the life of a food critic—I followed Ruth Reichl as the daughter of fierce... Read More
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