October 21, 2014 / 27th of Tishrei, 5775
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  • Chile_relleno_ce_large
    For me, eating out at a restaurant is as much a research project as it is an enjoyable hobby. I mean it in a good way—I’m constantly surveying menus for good ingredient combinations that I can try at home and thinking of ways to replicate great dishes in my own kitchen. The latest... Read More
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  • Herbpopcorn1_large
    I always have high hopes for my December vacation days. I make extended to-do lists, intend to clean out the junk drawer, and make plans with friends. But every year, most of my plans get trumped by the rare opportunity to laze around in my pajamas and watch movies. Last year, I made bagels to... Read More
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  • The_butcherie_2_phot_2_large
    We are open from 8-4 PM on the 25th of December. For Orders and Pick ups call us at 781-828-3530 and ask for Lisa & Peg. Read More
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  • Avi_large
    The kosher food scene in Boston just got more exciting—the Mediterranean food truck and restaurant The Chubby Chickpea is now glatt kosher. I chatted with executive chef Avi Shemtov about his choice to go kosher and what not to miss on his menu. And yes, they’re open on Christmas Day!... Read More
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  • Pancake_large
    Last week, in an effort to justify preparing your own Chinese food at home on Christmas, I shared a family friend’s recipe for wontons. This week, I’ve got a recipe from a restaurant chef—and one of the best. Here, Joanne Chang, the friendly face behind Flour bakeries and... Read More
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  • Cewontons_large
    Christmas Eve is one of my favorite food holidays. While all my celebrating friends are stuck eating a second Thanksgiving dinner, my family and I join the hordes of other people who don’t celebrate the holiday and head out to a Chinese buffet, where we eat ourselves silly before taking... Read More
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  • Mandelbread1_large
    So you’ve made it past two of the holiday season’s biggest hurdles: Thanksgiving and Hanukkah (at the same time!). By now you’ve had time to catch your breath and loosen your belt, but the holiday train is just gaining momentum. My December calendar is filled with holiday... Read More
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  • Thanksgivukkahstuffing_large
    These days, there’s a good chance that your Thanksgivukkah celebration is going to include someone who wants the stuffing but not the bird. (And that’s just fine with me—that just means more for us meat-eaters!) This vegetarian-friendly recipe gets its meatiness from... Read More
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  • Thanksgivukkahblintzes_large
    This recipe gives a Hanukkah dish a sweet autumnal spin. Rolling the blintzes is a fun step that can be assigned to any kids hanging around the kitchen looking to partake in the fun.     Apple Butter Blintzes Makes 10 to 12 crepes 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 cup... Read More
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  • Thanksgivukkahlatkes_large
    Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite Thanksgiving side dishes. And they’re easy enough to make Hanukkah-appropriate too—simply grate them and turn them into latkes. They’re just as good as the traditional white potato latke, with a bit more sweetness and an even crisper... Read More
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