November 22, 2014 / 29th of Chesvan, 5775
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  • Icon_missing_thumb
    Sukkot, starting Wednesday night, is the Jewish holiday with a focus on hospitality. Many Jews step out of their everyday homes to eat and sometimes sleep in temporary structures outdoors. There they often welcome guests throughout the week enjoying good food, good company and evenings under the... Read More
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  • Daily_entrance
    While over the past seven years it's become incrementally easier, the pangs of discomfort still have me catching my breath when my Catholic husband drags the Christmas tree through our front door. Inevitably, I'm able to rationalize my uneasiness (aka guilt/resentment/embarrassment) but I wonder:... Read More
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  • Rachel_packer
    I have had a serious hankering for gingerbread, which is ironic because I never used to like it. I find that since I officially hit middle age with the recent celebration of my (fill in the blank) birthday, there are changes within myself that I cannot seem to control. I now have to remove my... Read More
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  • Bbac_challah_finished1_large
    As Jews, we are given many gifts—and I’m not just talking about eight nights of presents on Chanukah. We get the gift of large families (and nagging mothers!), of endless kugels and knishes and kneidlach, and of dancing our hearts out on Purim and Simchat Torah. But I would argue that... Read More
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  • Birth_circle1_medium
      As we near the end of counting the fifty days between Passover and Shavuot, the Jewish Birth Network is counting down the days until our first Birth Circle.  Maybe it’s bashert, meant to be, that the Birth Circle series starts the weekend after Shavuot.  And I don’t... Read More
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  • T4a
    Growing up, I thought of Passover as one of the "fun" Jewish Holidays. Despite being a celebration of Exodus, the Jews escape from slavery in Egypt, Passover allowed me to win money, sing songs, and in later, drink as much Manischewitz as I possibly could. Attending a High School with a large... Read More
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  • Walnuts_and_sugar_large
    Mention to me a cookie called a Walnut Mustachudo and my sense memories immediately recall my mother's White Meadow Temple Sisterhood Cookbook, circa 1980-something.  Faded white pages, the more "well-loved" recipes stiff with food stains from the years, simple black typeset (this was... Read More
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  • The_grand_finale_large
    It's (well) after midnight. We did it.   That's what 300+ hamentashen look like, all nestled up against each other's jam-filled bellies, nice and toasty in giant foil catering trays. And this, tonight, was what Jewish community looked like. 7 different fillings, brought by 7 different... Read More
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  • Snowflake2_medium
    Now that I’m an “adult” (all of twenty-three, which everyone loves to remind me is still so young), I have such an affinity for this time of year. I love how friendly and aware everyone gets—we see such a kinder side of people once the holidays start (as long as you avoid... Read More
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