February 12, 2016 / 3rd of Adar, 5776
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  • Fesenjan.jpg
    This year, two of my resolutions are to spend more time with friends and try to stay out of a cooking rut, in which I prepare things I’m familiar with without trying new ones. After thinking about it, I found a way to take care of both at the same time: organize more Shabbat... Read More
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  • Beetandpom.jpg
    Pomegranate seeds are small but mighty. Their brilliant magenta color stands out in any dish. Their snappy kernels pop in your mouth. And, despite their size, they pack a mighty hit of sweet and tart flavor. You can buy pomegranate seeds outside of their fruit, or you can remove them... Read More
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  • 15-minutes.jpg
    Oh fancy hipster Rosh Hashanah dinner recipes, how I love thee. I read you and can only dream of cool kitchen appliances and going to Whole Foods, cruising the aisles for interesting ingredients, and slowly sipping adult beverages while pots simmer even more slowly on the stove. So for all you... Read More
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  • Pom_vin.jpg
    There are lots of ways to incorporate pomegranate into a Rosh Hashanah meal, and not all of them take the time or forethought of turning it into, say, ice cream, which I did last year. This time around, I’ve created a versatile recipe that uses the sweet-tart flavor of this “new... Read More
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  • Pomicecream_large
    If you’ve ever cracked open a pomegranate, you know just how many seeds it’s capable of holding. There appear to be hundreds. And that’s exactly why pomegranates are eaten on the second night of Rosh Hashanah. In addition to serving the role of “new fruit,”... Read More
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  • Rosh-hashana
    Wednesday night marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. Many of the traditional foods for the holiday, like apples dipped in honey, are sweet, symbolizing our wishes for a sweet new year. But my favorite food moment actually comes on the second night of Rosh Hashanah. Not... Read More
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  • Fish1.jpg_large
    While an integral part of the secular New Year, toasts are not traditionally part of the Rosh Hashanah table. Passover and Purim are known for their related alcoholic beverages. Tu Bishvat, the New Year of the Trees, has its kabbalistic seder with an accompanying set of four glasses of... Read More
  • Fish-heads_medium
    Ever year at Rosh Hashanah we wish our family and friends a "sweet year." But Jewish tradition encourages us to engage all our tastebuds when thinking about the year to come. Over the next two weeks, many of us will eagerly anticipate sweet foods at the Rosh Hashanah table—challah studded... Read More
  • Pomegranate_medium
    A few years ago, the pomegranate exploded on the food scene as the in fruit of the moment. From the juice aisle to the bar, it was hard to avoid the bright red color of the pom.  Oprah even declared the Pomegranate Martini as one of her favorite drinks! Although it's as difficult to prepare... Read More
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