March 4, 2015 / 13th of Adar, 5775
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  • Mansanada.jpg
    While my Ashkenazi family dips slices of apple into bowls of honey on Rosh Hashanah, Sephardic families feature these two ingredients in mansanada. This rustic compote couldn’t be simpler or more versatile. You simply simmer apple pieces in water, honey and spices, then remove the... Read More
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  • Muffins.jpg
    Honey cake is the Jewish equivalent of fruit cake; it’s on holiday menus because of tradition, not because people actually enjoy it. The problem is that the whole is usually less than the sum of its parts—slick honey, warm spices and all the components of a sweet, moist cake... Read More
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  • Challah_bites.jpg
    I love baked goods, but I don’t always love baking. That’s because I’m impatient; I hate the long but necessary wait times while dough proofs and rises and just sits there, taunting me. I much prefer the instant—or at least, quicker—gratification of cooking. So... Read More
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  • Smorrebrodplatter-600x266.jpg
    Photo courtesy of Scandinavian Cultural Center Although not large, there has been a Jewish presence in Scandinavia since long before Jews were evacuated to neutral Sweden during the Holocaust. And while there’s little Jewish influence in Scandinavian culture, there are... Read More
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  • Tomatoes_and_goat_cheese.jpg
    Among this summer’s many highlights was the marriage of my cousin Danny to his partner, Bryan. For almost a year, we knew the date and the venue: early August at a beautiful estate in Connecticut where we’d rent cabins and stay for the weekend. All summer long, my sister Jackie... Read More
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  • Halvah_ice_cream.jpg
    My summer has gotten away from me, as it often does. I’ve gone on vacations, attended weddings and spent more than a fair amount of time in the sun, but I realize now, as the end of summer approaches, that I have completely ignored one of my favorite parts of this season: homemade ice... Read More
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  • Orzo.jpg
    I recently took a spur-of-the-moment vacation to Maine, where a couple of friends and I decided to turn off our phones and unplug at the beach for a few days. I’m as game for relaxing as much as the next person, but for me, the true allure of a seaside retreat is the food. A beach day... Read More
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  • Jamchoseneeats.jpg
    A couple of weeks ago, I helped plan and cater a bridal shower for two of my dear friends. It was an intimate affair, attended mostly by family and held at my home. We gathered flowers from Russo’s and created a make-ahead menu using many of the recipes I’ve featured on this blog,... Read More
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  • Pasta.jpg
    My roommates and I have started a new tradition called “Chicken Wednesday.” We’re nothing if not creative, and it’s just what it sounds like: One of us whips up a bunch of chicken on the grill and everyone else is responsible for the accoutrements. This week we had our... Read More
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  • Chickpeas.jpg
    Last weekend I made my first trip of the summer to Provincetown for my friends’ wedding. While there, I was told by a coworker that I wasn’t allowed to leave town until I tried his friends’ new sandwich shop, Pop + Dutch. I did as I was told and left the store with one of... Read More
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