September 16, 2014 / 21st of Elul, 5774
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  • Cewontons_large
    Christmas Eve is one of my favorite food holidays. While all my celebrating friends are stuck eating a second Thanksgiving dinner, my family and I join the hordes of other people who don’t celebrate the holiday and head out to a Chinese buffet, where we eat ourselves silly before taking... Read More
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  • Mandelbread1_large
    So you’ve made it past two of the holiday season’s biggest hurdles: Thanksgiving and Hanukkah (at the same time!). By now you’ve had time to catch your breath and loosen your belt, but the holiday train is just gaining momentum. My December calendar is filled with holiday... Read More
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  • Thanksgivukkahstuffing_large
    These days, there’s a good chance that your Thanksgivukkah celebration is going to include someone who wants the stuffing but not the bird. (And that’s just fine with me—that just means more for us meat-eaters!) This vegetarian-friendly recipe gets its meatiness from mushrooms... Read More
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  • Thanksgivukkahblintzes_large
    This recipe gives a Hanukkah dish a sweet autumnal spin. Rolling the blintzes is a fun step that can be assigned to any kids hanging around the kitchen looking to partake in the fun.     Apple Butter Blintzes Makes 10 to 12 crepes 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 cup... Read More
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  • Thanksgivukkahlatkes_large
    Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite Thanksgiving side dishes. And they’re easy enough to make Hanukkah-appropriate too—simply grate them and turn them into latkes. They’re just as good as the traditional white potato latke, with a bit more sweetness and an even crisper... Read More
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  • Thanksgivukkahfriedpickles_large
    This year, take a break from your nightly latkes and fry up some pickles instead. This simple version of the trendy bar staple has an airy coating that melts in your mouth. And I’ve found that the coating is the deciding factor in the contentious battle of spears versus chips. Pickle... Read More
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  • Thanksgivukkaholiveoilcake_large
    A dessert that feeds a crowd—what dish better fits both Hanukkah and Thanksgiving? If you’ve never had olive oil cake, don’t expect to bite into an oil slick. Olive oil keeps this cake moist, while also lending it a peppery—but not too oily—flavor. Olive Oil... Read More
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  • Thanksgivukkahcheesecoins_large
    These cheesy crackers couldn’t be easier to throw together, with their egg-free dough and food-processor mixing method. I recommend making a double batch—serve some for a holiday appetizer, and save the rest to use as the “coins” in a game of dreidel. Cheddar Cheese... Read More
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  • Thanksgivukkahkugel_large
    In order to get some pumpkin flavor in every bite, I used two types: pureed and seeds. The pumpkin puree gets mixed into the filling along with some other seasonal flavorings (brown sugar and cinnamon), and the seeds get chopped and incorporated into the topping. Not your average kugel, but... Read More
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  • Thanksgivukkahsufganiyot_large
    The idea of making doughnuts at home might seem intimidating. Hot oil can be dangerous, and it only takes a couple missteps to turn your doughnuts from light to leaden. But follow this recipe and you’ll have impressive and tasty sufganiyot for Hanukkah this year.A cranberry-sauce filling... Read More
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