October 23, 2014 / 29th of Tishrei, 5775
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    You’re hot. Your friend is hot. Maybe it’s the way your bodies move together on the dance floor. Maybe it’s the way your friend is laughing tonight. Maybe it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while now, or maybe you have a surprising sense that your... Read More
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    Sammy Sass, 25, was born and bred in Cambridge and currently lives in Boston, sometimes. She’s got her hands on the earth whenever possible, in the garden or on the potter’s wheel. Her ceramics can be seen here, and around town at SOWA open studios... Read More
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    Marc Dones, 28, reflects on three years of dating men in Boston. During that time, he’s lived in Mattapan and Fort Hill. For more of his rambling, read his tumblr or follow him on Twitter. In his spare time, Marc plays with his roommate’s dog, rides his bike and is generally... Read More
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    As my head pounded, I found myself starting to wish I had a partner. Someone who lived with me. Someone who would be in the apartment during the evenings and overnight. Someone who knew how to comfort me even when I didn’t have words. I didn’t have any words. Talking made my... Read More
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    Great news, Boston! Aida Manduley, 25, just moved to Roxbury to pursue a master’s degree in social work. Aida is a productivity geek, experienced sexuality educator and seasoned trainer who advocates for healthy relationships. We’re lucky to have her! She debriefs today about being... Read More
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    Barbara, 60, keeps it fun and exciting with her husband, Larry, 65. They have been together for 10 years, got married seven years ago, and have a house (and a hot tub) in Boston. Tell me about your relationship with Larry. When we were deciding to get married, our very cool faith... Read More
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  • Dorise.jpg
    About one year ago, Dorise Gruber wrote a post for The Debrief titled “Dating by the Numbers.” It wasn’t a forum for outlandish stories or grievances, but rather an opportunity to analyze her experiences, quantify them and learn from a particularly steep “n”... Read More
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    Jeff Herman, 22, says he is young in age but old in spirit. He’s a recent Brandeis grad now in Somerville, getting into behavioral health research. He also likes teaching about sex and pleasure. A fellow educator at The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health first introduced the idea... Read More
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    Several months ago, Chanel Dubofsky asked me to do an interview with her at Jewschool. Then I asked her if we could flip things around. Today she debriefs her creation of The Marriage Project. Chanel’s writing can be found at Cosmopolitan, RH Reality Check, The Billfold, The Jewish... Read More
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    Susie, who is 45 and lives in Allston, reflects on her challenges dating men she meets online, mainly using Match.com. Formulas I sit across from Eric at Trident Booksellers & Cafe. I’m not sure if it’s a date or a friendly lunch. I’ve done my hair and makeup just... Read More
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