August 21, 2014 / 25th of Av, 5774
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  • Apple_chocolate_chip_cake_-_top_image_large
    My parents always taught me that a good houseguest brings a gift for her host as a thank you for opening their home. And as an Internet houseguest of yours with this, my inaugural post as’s food blogger, I feel like I should thank you for inviting me into your home. So,... Read More
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  • Rabbishirazshazeer
    It’s come to my attention that there are two national campaigns in progress to draw attention to Shabbat this week.  The National Jewish Outreach Program has declared this coming Friday night and Saturday the 15th annual Shabbat Across America.  And Reboot is spearheading its... Read More
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  • 1-pint-chinese-asian-take-out-container-500-cs_medium
    I know, it's not yet Thanksgiving, but if the stores can be full of Christmas wrapping paper and Christmas candy, then your friendly neighborhood Jewish website can have a little Christmas content too. I can already hear you complaining, "What does a Jewish website need Christmas content... Read More
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  • Music-notes_medium
      The countdown is on--- less than four weeks until Chanukah. Ever since ever, my parents, at Chanukah, have rolled out an ancient mimeographed booklet that they use for the blessings, songs, and readings.  The booklet, called How to Celebrate Hanukah at Home, was published by... Read More
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  • Pomegranate_medium
    A few years ago, the pomegranate exploded on the food scene as the in fruit of the moment. From the juice aisle to the bar, it was hard to avoid the bright red color of the pom.  Oprah even declared the Pomegranate Martini as one of her favorite drinks! Although it's as difficult to prepare... Read More
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  • Advocate226.jpg
    What’s the longest Afikoman hunt you can remember? The strangest places it has been hidden? Did the search ever lead to a family feud – like something out of a “Larry David” episode? What are your favorite hiding places? What rewards to you give out or receive? Does your... Read More

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