In this light and playful second installment of Doreen Cronin’s mysteries (The Trouble with Chickens, is the first book in a series), readers reconnect with the lovable and precocious J.J. Tully.  In The Legend of Diamond Lil, we meet up with J.J after a prior adventure. He is ready to take a break, but of course a new problem arises and as a retired search and rescue dog, J.J can’t say no. When Diamond Lil, a new dog arrives on the scene, the vibe of the neighborhood starts to change.  Questions begin to arise; Is Lil all that she seems? Even worse, there is also a possum loose, and Lil may be involved.  It’s up to J.J. to keep everyone safe, and young kids will readily catch on to the clues, plot twists, and one-liners and celebrate wrapping up another case with J.J. 

Ages 5 and up or Kindergarten/1st grade and up