created at: 2012-03-26PHOTO of the the March 13 mistake and the March 27 oorrection in overseas editions of the New York Times Weekly supplement, a 12 page insert in 25 nations. This mistake did not occur in the national US edition of the Times and the correction does not appear there either. But it was a New York Times misquote and the New York Times did see fit to correct it after 125 emails from your truly asking for a small correction. Moral of the story: talk back to your local newspaper and demand perfection, when posible.created at: 2012-03-26



A Lens column  earlier  this
month about introverts and
extraverts  misquoted   the
French  philosopher  Jean-
Paul  Sartre.   The  correct
quote is “Hell is other peo-
ple,” not “Hell is other peo-
ple at breakfast.”