I have been blessed. So many times and in so many ways, that I am happy to report that I could not possibly list them all here. Being a parent to my nine-year-old son, Joshua, is the greatest blessing of all. I always knew I wanted to be a Mom, from the time I was a little girl. When Josh was born, I was elated. Being forty-one and single at the time, I completely appreciated the miracle of this occurrence. It was upon his birth that I recognized more fully the necessity of the task of caring for him, for raising him, was not something that I felt that I could do alone. It was also at the time of Josh’s birth that I became more reflective and aware of my own values, even more so than I had been before. I had been very connected to Judaism and spirituality for many years prior to becoming a parent, and knew that I wanted to share this with my child. I wanted to raise him with Jewish values, but in the unique, progressive manner in which it spoke to me. How to do that, I often asked myself?

Being a part of our temple’s PTJL class at Temple Beth ZIon in Brookline, was the perfect opportunity to blend these two things: gaining wisdom, support and community in parenting and doing it literally through a Jewish lens.

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