I feel as if we are all participating in the filming of Groundhog Day II – another weekend, another blizzard approaching. 

As I plowed through (yes, pun intended) my meetings this week with other local Jewish and interfaith leaders, a familiar cry was heard: “I’M TIRED.” Tired of the snow, tired of the cold, tired of shoveling.

We may all be tired of the weather, but I draw strength from our resilience as a community. We are inconvenienced, yet we persevere. We clear the snow, we help our neighbors and try to make it in to work. 

I am grateful that I have the ability to work from home when I know others do not. The Boston Globe put a spotlight on the hardships the snow has imposed the area’s lowest-paid workers in an article yesterday. As the article stated, “service-oriented jobs can’t be done from home; getting in late or having to leave early means less money in their pockets.”

I am mindful and grateful for how the Jewish community comes together in tough times, as many congregations have contributed to support Boston’s most vulnerable residents – those without adequate shelter. Please read the letter to the editor in this week’s The Jewish Journal from Nahma Nadich. 

I wish that all of you remain safe and warm and please remember those that may need our help during this weekend’s impending blizzard.

Shabbat Shalom,