I am excited to share with you a unique Hebrew school opportunity, and a way for you to be part of its development by responding to a short survey. Come learn together with your child/ren at the Nehar Shalom Community Synagogue in Jamaica Plain. We invite you to participate in the survey, whether you are currently looking for the right program or are just beginning to consider Jewish educational opportunities for your child/ren and your family. You can learn about Nehar Shalom and the Mishpacha Family Hebrew School and Family Learning Circle by visiting our website www.neharshalom.org.

To help us respond to the needs of Jewish families who may appreciate and benefit from our unique approach to Jewish learning and celebration, we greatly appreciate your input. Please take a few minutes to complete Nehar Shalom’s family learning survey by going to:


The survey will be accessible until April 20, 2012.

With appreciation,

Rabbi Victor Reinstein