If you live in Boston, rooting for Maccabi Haifa in Israeli soccer should be as axiomatic as rooting for the Patriots. Recently, in the middle of a discussion of soccer in general, and Israeli soccer specifically as the season kicks off in Israel on August 21, my co-worker started belting out a Maccabi Tel Aviv chant. Blasphemy!

Recognizing this as a chance to assault not only a misplaced rooting interest in Maccabi Tel Aviv, but also to draw attention to one of those South-Florida-fan-of-New-York-teams situations because he's from Boca but loves New York sports, I took aim at his peusdo-fandom of the reigning Israeli champions and treble holders as another example of questionable and misplaced sports loyalties.

Me: That’s typical wannabe New Yorker behavior, rooting for Maccabi Tel Aviv. A real hard decision there, kid.

Him: (Pauses)

Him: (Looks over his shoulder at the Jets flag behind his desk)

Him: Yeah, you’re right, Dan. Typical front-runner behavior.

Me: (Thinks)

Me: You’ve got a point there.

He wins. For now. There really isn't anything worse than being a Jets fan, so I concede the point. But he should still be rooting for Maccabi Haifa.