February 8, 2016 / 29th of Shvat, 5776
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Mari Levine

  • As a blogger, I’m constantly perusing the Internet for the latest stories and happenings in the world of Jewish food. There’s always something going on—a new restaurant opening, a unique take on a traditional Jewish dish or a fascinating story behind the cuisine. Here are a few of my favorite articles that I’ve recently read, learned from and shared with friends.

    Francis Lam’s Under-the-Radar Adventures with an Orthodox, Aus...

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  • This year, two of my resolutions are to spend more time with friends and try to stay out of a cooking rut, in which I prepare things I’m familiar with without trying new ones. After thinking about it, I found a way to take care of both at the same time: organize more Shabbat dinners! I got a jumpstart on this at the end of 2015, when some friends and I got together one Friday night and served a dish called fesenjan, which none of us had ever tried.

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  • Photo courtesy of Finagle a Bagel

    Finagle a Bagel’s baked goods are carried in thousands of grocery and superstores in 27 states, and the company once operated as many as 20 retail stores. On paper, it sounds like another faceless corporation. In reality, it’s a family-owned, small-scale company more akin to a neighborhood bakery.

    The Newton-based company is a small operation with a big reach—and owner Laura Trust likes it that way...

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  • Cuckoo Kitchen’s szechuan sesame cold noodles

    The brainchild of three friends who wanted to free Chinese food from its unhealthy reputation, Cuckoo Kitchen makes some big promises: healthier versions of popular Chinese dishes, quick delivery, high-quality ingredients and, the most impressive, a three-step cooking method that takes less than five minutes. It sounded perfect for the busy home cook who works a full-time job—or for someone who...

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  • One of my most vivid memories from Hebrew school is taking a weekly cooking class at the synagogue. In one class we made these incredibly simple yet impressive-looking cookies that were essentially basic sugar cookies with crushed candy melted inside of them. Now, 20 years later, these cookies are a Pinterest darling, with recipes all over the Internet. Mine isn’t much different from all of those, except that the cookie recipe I use here is the same one...

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  • Latkes have been done every way imaginable. They’ve been made with every root vegetable you can think of. There are sweet versions and savory versions, and recipes that have been seasoned with every spice in your pantry. But I haven’t seen many recipes for stuffed latkes. So when my sister started talking about our Hanukkah celebration before the Thanksgiving dishes were even cleared, I decided to use the leftover spuds from the mashed potatoes an...

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  • There are so many ways to jazz up chocolate-covered strawberries beyond the simple dip. I’ve made penguins, footballs, and now, these adorable dreidels.

    A strawberry is naturally shaped like a dreidel, but trimming the fruit makes the resemblance even stronger. Let the chocolate dry before you paint the Hebrew letters on them, lest the two chocolates run into each other. And in order to avoid touching the strawberries as you’re covering them in...

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  • Every year I celebrate Thanksgiving at my parents’ house, with about 25 of our relatives and closest friends. Collectively we’re an adventurous bunch when it comes to food, but in the case of Thanksgiving, people are reluctant to stray from the traditional lineup of turkey, green bean casserole and potatoes every possible way. (Though last year, I did manage to sneak a raw Brussels sprouts salad onto the menu!)

    Since I’m locked into the s...

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  • I’m surrounded by leftover Halloween candy! At home there’s a bowl on the counter full of candy that we bought in case we got a steady stream of trick-or-treaters instead of the three or four stragglers that ring our doorbell year after year. And it seems like every one of my coworkers’ desks has a small pile of leftover candy on it—and it’s only polite to take a piece when I visit them with a work-related question. (Right?!) I&r...

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  • One of the best things about living and working in Brookline Village has always been being steps away from New England Soup Factory, which makes my favorite matzo ball soup. At least, that used to be one of the perks, until the Soup Factory closed its Brookline location after the building was sold. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean I’m out of matzo ball luck or that I have to make my way to their other location in Newton to find my favorite soup. The...

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Mari is a freelance food writer and an editor for America's Test Kitchen, where she combines her journalism and culinary degrees from Brandeis University and Johnson & Wales, respectively, with her restaurant and lifelong eating experience. When she's not working hoisin sauce into everything she eats or binging on anything sandwiched between two slices of bread, she can be found on her bike, engrossed in a documentary, or playing sports that involve throwing and/or catching a ball (the latest: flag football).

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The best onion bagels I have ever had. I don't get north often but when I do, my first stop is a Market Basket to buy as many onion bagels as they will sell to me! I see Walmart caries everything, plain and asiago. I wish they had onion :(
Chosen Eats: Finagle a Bagel - A Family-Run Company with a Big Reputation
While basic latkes never fail, these gryere-filled ones are sure to impress! I'm planning to Combine the two for a delicious culinary celebration!
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