April 27, 2015 / 8th of Iyar, 5775
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Mari Levine

  • I’ve been making my own hummus since college, and over the years I’ve developed an easy go-to recipe. But to keep things interesting, I like to make slight modifications. I’ll add extra-large doses of tahini for sesame richness, whisk in the olive oil by hand for a looser consistency, or roast garlic cloves and smash them into a paste for a hit of spice and caramelized sweetness. And although I’ll try just about any modification once, ...

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  • It’s very easy to overthink recipes, especially ones you’re preparing for a Boston Marathon viewing party to impress your friends. I’m pretty sure for me this is a side effect of graduating from culinary school: You think everything you make has to be a complicated masterpiece that someone without a culinary education could never fathom recreating.

    There are two problems with this: First, simple food can be as good as any complex dish, an...

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  • Thanks to the diverse land and a large community of devoted winemakers, Israel has long been regarded as an up-and-coming wine country. Now wines from that region are starting to get the attention they deserve—both in Israel and beyond. With these wines showing up in shops and restaurants across the country—including many here in Boston—Israel may have truly arrived.

    To find some must-have Israeli wines for this Passover season, I consult...

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  • If one of the best ways to get kids to learn is through their stomachs, then an even more surefire method is to have them prepare the food themselves. Some children might be too young to grasp the seriousness of some Passover themes, but everyone can get behind a cake that illustrates one of the most important events in the history of the Jewish people: Moses parting the Red Sea.

    With a hefty amount of frosting, a cake of your choice and a spatula, any chi...

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  • Search for “Passover snacks” on the Internet and matzah pizza is mentioned in virtually every result. It’s certainly with good reason, as this simple concoction is a creative way to use the bread we’re allowed during Passover. But matzah isn’t the only versatile component that can act as vehicle for other ingredients.

    You may know frico as the cheesy Italian crisps that resemble lacy Florentine cookies and add a delicate crunc...

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  • Snacking during Passover is difficult. Lots of grab-and-go snacks are off-limits, and it’s hard to make something in bulk that doesn’t include any of the ingredients we’re supposed to refrain from eating during the holiday. I always start out with the best of intentions, but a few days in, I’m so sick of matzah that I’m counting down the days until I can reenter the land of wheat. And if I’m having trouble thinking of Passo...

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  • The theme this week seems to be the color green. Not only because of this weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day holiday—though that certainly accounts for some of it—but because of the escalating promise of warmer weather. The first official day of spring is March 20, and there are even a few spots of green popping up around the city where ice has started to melt (finally!). Not to mention the sun is still shining when most people leave work. We...

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  • Ever since Steven Peljovich took over famed Coolidge Corner eatery Michael’s Deli in 2012, his work has been all about balance: balancing the deli’s storied reputation with his new ownership, and balancing its classic Jewish deli fare with his new, modern takes.

    He’s found there’s room for all of the above. He’s managed to honor the original owner, Michael Sobelman, by maintaining the same quality of food—and its status ...

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  • My favorite part of Purim is the tradition of mishloach manot, which allows you to share the eating, drinking and general merriment that the holiday mandates. The tradition was originally used to ensure that everyone had enough to eat during the holiday, but it’s also seen now as a way to strengthen relationships and reach out to new friends. This makes Purim—and its command to party with a purpose—the most well-rounded of holidays.

    One o...

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  • With Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year, the next week offers lots of opportunities for good eating. There’s a strong chance you’ve already got your chocolate-laden menu lined up for Saturday, so Mei Li from Mei Mei Restaurant (and the food truck Mei Mei Street Kitchen) was kind enough to contribute a recipe for your “Year of the Sheep” celebration.

    These vegetarian, root vegetable-filled pierogi dumplings highlight the Mei ...

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Mari is a freelance food writer and an editor for America's Test Kitchen, where she combines her journalism and culinary degrees from Brandeis University and Johnson & Wales, respectively, with her restaurant and lifelong eating experience. When she's not working hoisin sauce into everything she eats or binging on anything sandwiched between two slices of bread, she can be found on her bike, engrossed in a documentary, or playing sports that involve throwing and/or catching a ball (the latest: flag football).

Latest Comments

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I now can celebrate Passover in contemporary society! Pizza and tacos?! Than you, Mari!
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Thank you! I have been stumped as to what I can pack for snack in my daughter's daycare sack.
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This is a pretty easy process. If it's made at night, the long oven time can be sleep time, which is quite convenient. Thanks, Mari!
Chosen Eats: Passover Snack - Homemade Fruit Leather
How long can you store in the freezer? Now till Passover?
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