October 31, 2014 / 7th of Chesvan, 5775
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Dan Brosgol

  • The new season of Israeli soccer began last month and so far it’s been a season without too many surprises. Here’s the list of predictable things:

    1. The usual three suspects are at the top of the table, as HaPoel Kiryat Shmonah, Maccabi Tel Aviv, and HaPoel Be’er Sheva are bunched together within two points of each other.
    2. Eran Zahavi is leading the league in goals, having netted seven in just six games so far. Zahavi scored 29 goals last year, leading the le...
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  • There are certain ideas about life and kids that are axiomatic.

    Parenting is hard. (100% true)

    Marriage requires hard work. (100% true)

    Teenagers are notoriously difficult.

    Stop for a second. And read this article from the January edition of New York Magazine. Then come back to finish this post.

    If you cheated, then let me paraphrase the main thesis: kids are feeling just fine as they grow up. In fact, one of the preeminent researchers on puberty and adolescence, Lau...

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  • People who always seem happy amaze me. I also have a lot of respect for those folks who can maintain an even keel through difficult times. But there’s a special place in my heart reserved for Bill Belichick, who brings a whole different perspective to his interactions with the world.

    His snorts, scoffs, disdainful grunts, and curt replies to reporters are the stuff of legend, but my personal favorite was at last night’s post-game press conference. Bill was asked if the win over Cin...

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  • Oh fancy hipster Rosh Hashanah dinner recipes, how I love thee. I read you and can only dream of cool kitchen appliances and going to Whole Foods, cruising the aisles for interesting ingredients, and slowly sipping adult beverages while pots simmer even more slowly on the stove.

    So for all you parents out there who are either working full time, driving your kids around all afternoon, or just haven’t had a chance to do any fancy shopping, here’s something that you can...

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  • To say that I’m a picky eater would be a gross understatement.

    I didn’t eat bananas until I was 25, I didn’t eat avocados until a few years later, and I generally steer well clear of condiments and sauces. It was so real that as I kid I would set up “barrier rice” on my plate to keep juices and sauces from contaminating the pristine rice on the other side of my plate. I liked, and continue to like, what I like, and I can’t help it: I...

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  • On September 11, 2001 I was one whole week into my professional career. I was an assistant teacher in a day school, had recently spent a very hot Labor Day weekend in Burlington, Vermont, and was a few months removed from returning from Israel and the Second Intifada. After a year spent in Israel that was punctuated by a litany of terror attacks and suicide bombings all over the country, including the horrific Dolphinarium attack the week before I left, coming home to the safety of...

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  • We had quite a juicy reading last week from Deuteronomy, full of laws about warfare, clothing, discipline, plowing, and marital regulations. As usual, some of the laws seem archaic and others seem downright intolerant, but remember the era from which these laws emerged- it was much different than Boston of 2014.

    Moving past the prohibitions of using oxen and donkeys together, and the ban of blending wool and linen in clothing, Ki Tetze ends with a forceful reminder. We are told, again, about t...

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  • I’m not one of those parents who celebrate Back-To-School time- I love summer, hanging out with my kids more often, and not making lunches every morning. Sending them back to school dovetails with my own work schedule going from laid-back to crazy, so it’s a double kind of disappointment that can be at least partially addressed by enjoying some adult beverages.

    And whaddaya know, this year we have a happy coincidence of back-to-school melancholy and Elul introspectio...

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  • It’s that time of year again, the time of year when lower-level soccer clubs across Europe are fighting for Champions League qualification. While the top-flight European league place their top finishers right into the group stage, the domestic champions of nations like Kazakhstan, Romania, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, and, yes, Israel, have to make their way through a handful of qualifying rounds in order to win the right to play in the Champions League come fall. By the end of August, 10 small ma...

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  • Thursday was an odd day, a day in which I fought with National Grid (and won), played a basketball game against a team of kids half my age (and lost), and generally cringed whenever I looked at the news. I also ran, got my bike fixed, tried to sell my car, went to work, had two kids go to the doctor, and had one kid step on a nail. And there was definitely more.

    Despite my adventures around town, I will never forget when Twitter went bezerk when the plane went down over Ukraine,...

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