March 29, 2015 / 9th of Nissan, 5775
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Dan Brosgol

  • If you’re like me, over the years not a few of your non-Jewish friends/family members/spouses have sampled Jewish cuisine, fasted with you on Yom Kippur, and broken matza with you to remember that we were once afflicted in Egypt. And I’d also wager you’ve had to explain cloven hooves, cud chewing, fins and scales, and the prohibition on eating wild birds at some point as well; when I speak to non-Jewish audiences the complexities and minutiae of kashrut is always ...

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  • 15 days until the First Seder… you ready?

    With that massive calendar event on the near horizon, it’s time for the 4th annual reveal of four additional Israel-related questions that I'm wondering about this year.

    Question One- Coalitions

    The remarkable electoral triumph of Bibi Netanyahu and Likud in Israel’s elections on Tuesday sent shock waves across Israel and Washington. Roaring back from pre-election polling that had him 7 seats behind the ...

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  • It’s A Green Day

    Boston’s not the only town decked out in green today.

    After sinking all the way down to the 8th position on the league table in January, Maccabi Haifa has turned around their season in dramatic fashion, with a 4-0-1 record over their past five games, including a 2:0 derby victory over their cross-town rivals HaPoel Haifa on Monday that clinched their spot in the top six entering the playoff round for the championship. With a suddenly-inspired defe...

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  • Life is exciting, there's lots going on, spring is in the air, and the snow is melting. To say there's an optimistic feeling in the air this week would be an understatement, especially as I went for a run yesterday wearing a t-shirt as the sun was out and it wasn't freezing. For your enjoyment here's a threefer of pop culture things I'm into this week as we start eyeing Passover on the horizon.

    Trying To Dig It

    So there’s a show called “Dig” that t...

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  • I’m sure we’re not the only ones who went on a pumpkin-palooza in the fall and have had large and intrusive gourds migrating across miscellaneous kitchen countertops since November.

    With that in mind, as a little pre-emptive and aspirational attempt at spring cleaning, my wife concocted a most delicious of trans-seasonal treats yesterday in what might be a first-of-its-kind batch of pumpkin hamantaschen.

    That the pumpkin was hand-picked, survived a hardy New Engla...

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  • We left Israel on Saturday evening.

    When I was younger, I remember the deep anguish and sadness that I felt when an Israel trip was over and I was about to fly home. I remember those bus rides to the airport, watching the lights on the side of highway pass by, hoping that something, anything, would make the trip last longer. I remember sitting on airplanes, watching the lights of Tel Aviv vanish below and behind us with misty eyes, and remembering only the pain of having to leav...

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  • The day after our arrival in Israel mirrored so many others with its jet lag, casual disorientation, and awkward shift from American to Israeli coffee . Even though this is my 17th (or so) time making the long haul from the US to Israel, it's still a transition that I have yet to master.

    Luckily for us it was also the nicest day so far, with sun and warm-ish temperatures, unlike the winter rains that have been on and off ever since.

    Post-services Saturday morning I did a quick chan...

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  • Sure, I’ll be 37 in two weeks, but earlier this week, as the football and weather gods were smiling over Boston, I got to act like a kid again.

    Anyone who watched the game (and I’m assuming it was many of you as this was the most-viewed Super Bowl in history) was probably sitting in shock after Jermaine Kearse’s circus catch gave the Seahawks a first-and-goal with just over a minute to go on Sunday. As insane as David Tyree’s helmet catch was in 2008, I&r...

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  • In the 1997 movie “Contact,” when S.R. Hadden reveals to Ellie Arroway that a second secret launch facility has been built on Hokkaido Island, he delivers one of my favorite lines in movie history, which I have been using variations of ever since:

    “Why build one when you can have two at twice the price?”

    In the case of Super Bowl XLIX, or, as I’ve been referring to it, the last roman-numeraled/romanly-numeraled Super Bowl, why should the Patriots have ...

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  • When the Israelites stood at Mount Sinai, legend tells us that God sounded the shofar Himself to call the world to attention. The noise was so loud, so powerful, and so awesome that the world trembled. All eyes and ears turned to the mountain to behold the revelation, and as ear-splitting as the blast of the horn was, it was matched by the deafening silence that followed as the universe waited with baited breath for God to continue.

    Absent divinely-blown shofarot, it is impossible to find such...

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