July 29, 2015 / 13th of Av, 5775
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Dan Brosgol

  • No good news on the eastern front this week. Really. Read on.

    Just Spain and Italy, NBD

    The UEFA qualifying groups for the 2018 Kleptocratic Expansionist World Cup in Russia were announced, and it more or less couldn’t have gone any worse for Israel. Well, it looks good if you read UP the group table: Liechtenstein, Macedonia, and Albania aren’t exactly world-slayers, but keep going and you bump into two names that are a little more impressive- Italy and Spain. Israel needs to w...

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  • Wow, sports is awful right now. The Red Sox are the train-wreckiest train wreck I’ve seen in years on Yawkey Way, the US Men’s National Team just got sent home from the Gold Cup by powerhouse rival perennial CONCACAF doormat Jamaica, and we’re still waiting for the Deflategate appeal process to arrive at some kind of conclusion. Instead of wallowing in that self-pity, gaze East for some inspiration from the headlines in Israeli sports.

    Home Cooking

    After a disappointing 2:...

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  • There’s no going back now. The die has been cast, the UN Security Council has approved the deal, and it seems like the Iran Deal is an unstoppable force as Congress prepares to fight it eout over the next two months.

    In the spirit of bipartisanship… well, no, more like in the spirit of taking things a little less seriously, instead of arguing with your friends on Facebook about the merits (or not) of the deal, instead take a night off from the battle and embark on a...

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  • Football season is still six weeks away, but the Iran Deal can be summed up in three football terms: punt, pass, and kick.


    One thing’s for sure, the ultimate reckoning on this agreement is going to be had when it expires. In 10 years, will Iran be more like China after Nixon, or more like Germany after Chamberlain? The administration has bet on the former, but absolutely punted the final responsibility way downfield to a future administration to deal with...

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  • Now that July 4 has come and gone we have our first bona fide entry in the song-of-the-summer competition. Move over, “Cheerleader,” too airy. Get out of the way, “Bad Blood,” you’re catchy but not summery. Stop singing in your secretly exotic Swedish accent and your not-Hebrew-but-kind-of-Hebrew-name, Tove Lo in “Talking Body.” The gauntlet has definitely been thrown down.

    Demi Lovato, after a few years of trying unsuccessfully to replicate the succes...

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  • One of my favorite commercials of all time, “Everyday Football Fouls,” came out last summer in time for the men’s World Cup. Perhaps you saw it? ICYMI you must watch it again. Actually, watch it again even if you did see it last time around.

    In every joke or stereotype there is usually more than a hint of truth, but in this case, it’s entirely true. Embellishment and acting have become so tied into men’s soccer that it borders on the absurd. Everyone is g...

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  • As we take a deep breath between the phenomenal conclusion to the Women's World Cup last night and the kick-off of the CONCACAF Gold Cup tomorrow, let's take a quick peek across the pond(s) at what's cooking in Israeli sports.

    Malta: The Quest Begins

    The 2016 Champions League final will be held at the iconic San Siro in Milan next May, but from the shores of the Atlantic to the steppes of Central Asia, the qualification rounds are already underway. Israeli champio...

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  • 20 years ago I took the longest airplane flight of my life and landed in Israel for the first time in the blazing heat of a July afternoon.

    That trip was as transformational as many of you no doubt suspect. Given my starry-eyed blue-and-white, JNF tzedakah-boxed upbringing, my six weeks of Israel in 1995 confirmed all my innate loves and hopes and dreams and set the table for this life that I am living.

    Unlike my trips today, which are familiar and nostalgic, with perhaps a new twist here o...

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  • My 87-hour trip to Israel and back, including flights, was about as relaxing as Brad Pitt's visit to Israel in World War Z. Minus the zombies. Well, that's not entirely true- I was at least part zombie when I got home as my brain attempted to deal with the aftermath of two transatlantic flights in less than three days.

    Leaving Boston at 11:00 on a Saturday night, after a 90-degree day of baseball, soccer, and family, a sleepless series of flights from Boston to Rome to T...

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  • With Shavuot and Memorial Day on the weekend schedule, and the Red Sox shuffling through an entirely uninspiring season, the sports cupboard in Boston is pretty bare (unless you’re a Revolution fan). Here’s your 500-word digest of the top three stories out of Israeli sports this holiday weekend. Chagim s’mechim!

    An Unprecedented Treble

    On Wednesday night Maccabi Tel Aviv put the icing on the cake that was their 2015-16 campaign by whitewashing HaPoel Be&rsqu...

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