created at: 2010-11-19For busy parents planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, finding flowers to decorate the bimah is just one of many details they must take care of. With the JF&CS Mitzvah to Mitzvah Basket program, families can rent a beautiful silk arrangement for the bimah for any special occasion, with all funds going to support local families in need.

Now, a beautiful arrangement can be housed at any temple wishing to get involved in this meaningful program for children. All funds from the rental of these baskets enable low-income families to celebrate their child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah; purchase winter clothes, back to school supplies, and holiday toys; or send them to summer camp.

On-site baskets make it even easier for families to take advantage of this great opportunity to contribute to JF&CS and check one more “to do” off their lists at the same time.

JF&CS is looking for dedicated volunteers to promote and coordinate their temple’s in-house Mitzvah Basket. The coordinator for each participating congregation will be the primary contact for an on-site Mitzvah Basket provided by JF&CS and will coordinate rentals, scheduling, and payment. He or she will also help spread the word about the program and make sure the basket stays beautiful.

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