** Specialty provisions is taking orders for Passover meats & product **

Split a case with a friend or neighbor and save big $ while supplies last!
We also accept EBT, Quest [Food-Stamps].
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Whole Fresh Domestic Beef Brisket –                     Avg Wt 18-20lbs  $6.36lb! 
80/20 Bulk Ground Beef [frozen] –         $4.36lb!     Avg Wt 10lbs    $43.60pkg!

Bulk Beef For Cholent [Frozen] -Lightly Trimmed –$5.18lb!  Avg Wt 10lbs $51.80pkg!

Whole Fresh Domestic Beef Shoulder Roast –          Avg Wt 11-13lbs  $6.36lb!
Whole Fresh Domestic Boneless Rib-Eye Roast –  Avg Wt 17-20lbs  $10.18lb!
Whole Fresh Domestic French Roast  –               Avg Wt  8-10lbs  $6.36lb!

Whole Fresh Domestic Corned-Beef Brisket –         Avg Wt  18-21lbs $7.18lb!

Whole Netted Veal Roast [Frozen] –     Avg Wt  9-12lbs       $6.36lb!
Bulk Fresh Boneless/Skinless Cutlets – 55-60lbs per Case  $4.18lb!
Bulk Fresh Whole Chicken 20 Birds –       Per Case            $1.99lb!


Sweet Potato Kugel [Bulk-Frozen] 4x4lb – $64.99