Bagelsaurus, Exodus, Mamaleh’s and more: Bagel shops and Jewish-style delis are making a comeback. (Don’t believe me? I wrote an article about it!)

But, you ask, what about straight-up kosher spots? Here’s a list of Boston destinations. (I stuck to the immediate Boston area for conciseness, but feel free to recommend other places farther afield.) Did I miss anywhere? Is there a hidden gem you love? Tell me!


The Butcherie

The Butcherie
Courtesy The Butcherie

OK, not a restaurant per se, but this kosher grocery runs a brisk to-go and catering business, and it’s a lifesaver for kosher wine. Need an elegantly designed smoked fish platter that would put any Pinterest curator to shame? Behold: This is your place.

Menu curiosity: An admirable beef jerky collection.

Café Eilat

Café Eilat
Courtesy Café Eilat

Kosher pizza and sushi? Your wishes can come true in Brookline! This is a prime dining destination for the truly indecisive: There’s also fish and chips, jambalaya, burritos, quesadillas and nachos.

Menu curiosity: “Snake rolls” topped with barbecue sauce.

Jerusalem Pita & Grill

Jerusalem Pita & Grill
Courtesy Jerusalem Pita & Grill

A nice Coolidge Corner option for the healthy diner, with an array of veggies (Moroccan carrots, Jerusalem eggplant), dips like baba ghanoush, shish kabobs and fluffy falafel.

Menu curiosity: If veggies don’t appeal, well, you can always order Buffalo wings.

Kupel’s Bakery

Kupel’s Bakery
Courtesy Kupel’s Bakery

Nicely chewy bagels, egg salad, smoked salmon and sandwiches, each named after a Boston T stop, plus challah. In Brookline again, of course.

Menu curiosity: Green olive cream cheese on a jalapeño bagel. Don’t be scared.

Pure Cold Press

Pure Cold Press
Courtesy Pure Cold Press

From Haim Cohen and family, the same folks who brought you Rami’s down the block, this clean-and-pristine Coolidge Corner juice bar calls to mind a college cafeteria, only with gourmet food and a bohemian vibe. The options are many: Smoked tempeh “TLT”? Grilled tofu awash in peanut sauce? Enough cold-pressed juices to put any detox fiend to shame? It’s all here.

Menu curiosity: “The Hulk” juice, made with kale, ginger and lemon. Grr!


Courtesy Rami’s

Your Coolidge Corner go-to for pitas of every persuasion, stuffed with falafel, grilled chicken or shawarma, with a side of hummus and baba ghanoush, plus some tongue-tingling hot sauce. An easy lunch option.

Menu curiosity: An expansive kids’ menu for well under $5.

Taam China

Courtesy Julie Unger

Your friendly Brookline staple for kosher Chinese. There’s a huge medley of veal and the usual array of teriyaki, dumplings, Kung Pao chicken and other recognizable dishes. Prices are reasonable, and it’s kid-tested and approved.

Menu curiosity: If you’re really tame, order the French fries.

Vittorio’s Grill

Vittorio’s Grill
Courtesy Vittorio’s Grill

This Coolidge Corner newcomer touts a handsome kosher, grass-fed beef burger. They also lay claim to “mind-blowing” subs and onion rings.

Menu curiosity: Get your burger topped with up to 16 dressings (pesto, Thousand Island, a wealth of hot sauces).

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