This week marks the one-year launch anniversary of the redesigned! And what a remarkable year it’s been.

Through thousands of posts and events, we’ve connected with you over holidays, food and recipes, arts and culture, parenting, social justice and so much more.

Here’s a quick snapshot of our year:

  • 542,000 visits (that’s more than half a million, you guys!) from 412,000 visitors
  • 866,000 (!) page views (we’re coming for you, 1 million)
  • 75 percent of visitors were new (welcome!) and 25 percent were returning (thank you!)
  • 45 percent of visitors used their mobile phone to access our site (a 25 percent increase over the previous year!)
  • Nearly 6,000 views made our post about Salem’s first kosher restaurant the most popular (stay tuned for a follow-up review!)
  • 5,200 views for Boston’s best black-and-white cookies and 3,500 views for Boston’s best matzo-ball soup put both lists in second and third place (we’re sensing a trend here)
  • The two most-viewed events were the Riverway Project’s Soul Food Friday with 525 views and CJP’s Chai in the Hub with 480 views

Thank you for engaging with us this year—you’ve written and shared exciting content, posted (and hosted!) innovative events, forwarded our newsletters to friends, interacted with us on social media and provided helpful feedback.

And even though it’s our launchiversary, we want to give you presents! Please enter your email address below to subscribe to our newsletter for a chance to win one of five $25 Mamaleh’s Delicatessen gift cards. It’s our tasty gift to you.

Here’s to another year as the digital home of Boston’s Jewish community! Join us—we’re just getting started.

Mamaleh’s smoked whitefish and lox with house-baked bialys (Photo: Nina Gallant)
Mamaleh’s smoked whitefish and lox with house-baked bialys (Photo: Nina Gallant)

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