When people think of Purim, they think of hamantaschen. These filled, triangular cookies are representative of the three-pointed hat worn by Haman, the holiday’s villain who planned to destroy the Jews. Hamantaschen may be a symbol of an evil character, but they’re a reminder of the Jewish people’s triumph—a sweet victory over a bitter foe.

The only problem with liking hamantaschen so much is not having access to them year-round; most bakeries only start selling them a few weeks before Purim. Besides making them from scratch every time you want one, how else are you supposed to satisfy your Purim cookie craving?

I found five bakeries that sell hamantaschen well before Purim; three sell the cookies year-round, while the other two start selling them in early February. This may be only a small swath of Boston’s bakeries, but at least they understand that hamantaschen hankerings aren’t just limited to March.

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