London-based cookbook authors Tracey Fine and Georgie Tarn call themselves the Jewish Princesses, styling themselves as the “sassy British housewives of kosher cooking” or a more culinary version of “Sex and the City.” (Just picture Kim Cattrall salivating over chopped liver.)

In their newest book, “The Modern Jewish Table,” they offer 100 easy, slightly offbeat global kosher recipes designed for busy home cooks.
It’s out on Aug. 15, just in time to feel guilty about not making your child healthy school lunches and scrumptious weeknight dinners.

“We try to make complicated recipes easy, with less than 10 ingredients. There’s minimal can-opening. We look for the easiest route to a recipe,” says Tarn. “Our recipes are quick and cost-effective, because people don’t have the time.”

On that note, the ladies hope the cookbook will be relaxing.

“Planning elaborate recipes can seem overwhelming. But cooking is very therapeutic and better for you than a yoga class!” Tarn says.

(Courtesy photo)
(Courtesy photo)

Attempt modern-fusion versions of updated classics like “Jewshi” (gefilte fish with ginger and toasted sesame seeds), “Duckilicious” Chinese turkey (turkey legs with hoisin sauce, cukes and scallions) and, for “Clue” fans, Mrs. Plum cake. There’s even a chapter devoted entirely to chocolate.

“If we can make these recipes, so can you,” says Fine.

The book is dedicated to their children.

“When you finally arrived by the power of the Caesarian section, we finally understood the meaning of the word neurotic,” they write.

At last, lifestyle gurus we can relate to.