A comfortable, social, nine-session introduction to CJP and all the amazing things the Greater Boston Jewish community has to offer, the Fall LEADS 2017 program had its final event on Jan. 17. During that session, CJP president Barry Shrage called on the group of young adults to share their Jewish story and talk a little bit about their identity. Participants wrapped up their experiences by answering the following questions in six words:

  • Why did you join LEADS?
  • How has LEADS changed you?
  • What have you learned?
  • Did you learn more about your Jewish identity? What?
  • What do you still want to learn?
  • Where do you see yourself going from LEADS?


Here are their memoirs:

“Meet new people; connect with Boston Jews.”

“Learning is so fun and fundamental.”

“Texan Jew. Making Boston my home.”

“I am exploring my Judaism, thoroughly.”

“Connections to others and my Judaism.”

“I made so many friends, YAY!”

“Not a religion, but a family.”

“Hoping to answer the big questions.”

“More connection to my Jewish self.”

“Exploring, meeting, experiencing Jewish community here.”

“I branched outside my comfort zone!”

“Meeting new Jewish professionals from Boston.”

“I really enjoy being Jewish…woohoo!”

“Gentile accepted, taught by Boston Jews.”

“How diverse the Jewish community is!”

“Getting more in touch with Judaism.”

“What a community! Love you all.”

“More Jewish friends, wine and discovery.”

Spring LEADS 2018 begins on April 26 and registration is now open! Learn more here.