Are you looking for a place to swap real-time notes about Jewish summer camps and low-key bar mitzvah DJs, locate Canadian Jewish transplants, vent about school stress…or maybe even hoping to play Cupid for a loved one? There’s a Facebook group for that.

Yes, there’s now a Jewish Families of Greater Boston Facebook page. The newly launched group has attracted more than 2,000 members in as many weeks. The closed (not “secret”) group is open to all those who identify as Jewish and who request to join, pending admin approval. And no topic is too silly, candid, earnest or random. Babysitter queries? Job-hunting advice? It’s like talking to a group of 2,000 of your closest Jewish pals.

“It’s been incredible to watch the growth and ranges of posts, everything from matchmaking to finding Havdalah candles,” says Shira Garber Strosberg, one of the group’s co-founders.

Groups have branched off, she says, to form niche Facebook subsets like single moms by choice or interfaith families. Families from across the metro area have joined, from Lowell to Framingham to Wayland.

“We invited a handful of friends, and it just exploded,” she says.

Jewish families of any type or affiliation are invited to join the group. You might get book recommendations, Purim costume donations…and, hey, maybe even find true love.

“Anyone got a wonderful mother/grandma they want to set up with my dad?” reads a recent post.

“The group really has that old shtetl feel,” says Strosberg.