It’s never too early to start, or too late to begin again.

That’s how we think about Jewish Learning and Engagement at Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP). To make finding events, activities, classes, communities or whatever you may be looking for easier, we recently developed a few online tools and resources to help guide you. The Greater Boston Jewish community has a ton to offer and we want to help connect you to it.

Learn On is CJP’s new online home for Jewish Learning and Engagement. You can browse different topics and demographics, explore what’s going on and find the experiences you want in atmospheres that inspire. From formal classes with powerhouse professors, to living room conversations with thoughtful friends, we’re making Jewish learning relevant for everybody. You can scroll through the different sections to find a great diversity of organizations and activities to meet your interests, including:

  • Families with young children: Little kids have big questions. We can help with answers.
  • Youth: Who says dreamers can’t be doers?
  • Teens: Think of this as your personal launch pad.
  • Adults: Remember when you had it all figured out?
  • Organizations and partners: For those leading us forward…we’re behind you all the way.

Another great resource is Search On, an online search portal through that helps you find an event, class, workshop or experience curated to your criteria and interests. Our Adult Learning Search On tool has launched, and we look forward to launching a second soon for Exploring Judaism. Each one takes you through a series of questions to help you narrow your search and offer results tailored to your interests.

We hope you will check out these new Jewish Learning and Engagement online tools because it’s never too early to start, or too late to begin again.