A great falafel sandwich needs more than great falafel. Of course, the falafel should be good—ideally well-seasoned and nutty, crispy on the outside and moist on the interior. But even if you get that right, you have a half dozen other things to consider. Do you top it with pickled turnips or dill pickles? Diced cucumbers and tomatoes? Do you shred the cabbage or chop it? Do you top it with hummus or tahini? And then there’s the pita. Is a soft, puffy pita best, or is a thin, crisp, roll-able pita better?

I learned two things while researching this roundup: Any number of falafel toppings are good if they work in harmony, and how photogenic a falafel sandwich is does not relate to how good it tastes.

These nine falafel sandwiches, culled from your responses to our Facebook inquiry, are all top-notch, but they’re not identical. Read on for tasting notes on the variety of great falafel sandwiches in the Boston area, and tell us about your favorite (whether it’s on this list or not!) in the comments below.