In 2020, Jejes Coffee Roasters started its journey with a clear vision: to provide specialty coffee tailored to everyone’s needs and tastes and to make coffee drinking about the experience rather than the caffeine content.

However, to complete this vision, we needed to open up an actual location to provide customers the chance to experience our coffee at its fullest potential, done with professional tools and know-how native to Jejes Coffee. Therefore, we launched our coffee operations in spring 2023, housed in a modern, classical-style coffeehouse.

Thanks to the streamlined process of roasting, brewing and serving, our customers now have the opportunity to taste fresh and delicious coffee done right behind the counter. Jejes Coffeehouse strives to be a place where you can taste real coffee with an array of blends and brews done in-house.

All our coffee is proudly sourced from Jejes Coffee Roasters, a specialty, KVH kosher-certified coffee roastery.