The Jewish Community Alliance (JCA) is a nonprofit organization serving Southern Maine. A merger of the Jewish Community Center and the Jewish Federation of Southern Maine, the JCA combines programming and fundraising for the Jewish community. Its mission is to build Jewish community locally, in Israel and throughout the world. The JCA develops, provides, and supports diverse programs, education and services. We work with other Jewish organizations and local congregations, and functions as the hub of Jewish programming in Southern Maine.

Mah Atah M’Chapes or What Are You Looking For? (MAM) and Hineinu or We Are Here (WAH) are social networks of 21++ y/o Jewish and Jewish-loving people in the Portland area with the intention of creating community and celebrating religious, spiritual and cultural aspects of Judaism.

We are not affiliated with any specific temple or sect of Judaism. We welcome singles and coupled people and we encourage a respectful, safe, open and affirming space for a diversity of opinions and self-expression.

Our physical address in Maine is 57 Ashmont Street, Portland ME 04103.