Kavod is a community led by young Jews in Greater Boston, committed to each other and to building a liberated world for all people. We live out our values through vibrant Jewish ritual, transformative social justice organizing and collective responsibility.

If you’re interested in learning more, come to an upcoming event, join our community Facebook group, subscribe to our newsletter, become a member online or contact our membership chair at membership@kavodhouse.com.

Kavod’s Principles

Cooperative & Collective Ownership: Our community’s vision and practice is cooperatively and collectively generated and owned by our members. We are committed to holding each other accountable for creating a community that reflects our values.

Vibrant Jewish Practice: Vibrant and creative Jewish practice is central to our community. We embrace the variety of ways our members express Judaism and spirituality.

Living out our Justice Values: We center our intersectional justice values in our communal culture, our activism and organizing, and in the stewardship and distribution of our resources. We are committed to creating and holding space for challenging and dynamic conversations and engagement.

Rooted in Relationships: We show up for one another in times of joy and hardship, and nurture a feeling of belonging among our members. We cultivate deep and sustainable relationships with Jewish and non-Jewish partner organizations across Greater Boston and nationally.

Generational: We prioritize and honor young adult leadership. We actively encourage our members to remain engaged in our community as they age.

Homey Space: Our home base is a welcoming, cozy, consistent, and predictable space that feels like ours. We work creatively and flexibly to meet the needs of our members across Greater Boston.

Transformational Leadership Development: We support our members in cultivating tools, skills, and insights for effective and meaningful participation, engagement, and leadership in our community and beyond.

Sustainable Leadership: Our community thrives because of the unique talents and potential of our members. We support our members by valuing all contributions to our community and by respecting our capacity and limits.