CJP Strategic Israel Engagement’s (SIE) mission is to inform, engage, and empower the Greater Boston community in support of Israel.

One of the most important ways we do this is by providing opportunities for leaders to expand their knowledge of Israel by experiencing the country firsthand. SIE brings delegations of professors to Israel on study tours to immerse them in a range of perspectives and to allow them to develop an appreciation for the complexity of the region’s issues. By the end of the study tour, professors report having a much deeper understanding of Israeli society and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We also offer members of the Greater Boston business community the chance to see Israel firsthand while introducing them to potential partners whose innovative companies are powering Israel’s economy. An independent study of the Massachusetts-Israel economic relationship found that more than 200 Israeli-founded businesses call Greater Boston their home, generating more than $18 billion in economic benefit to Massachusetts. CJP’s business missions strengthen the economic ties that bind Israel and Massachusetts and create opportunities to forge new partnerships and bolster existing ones.

CJP Strategic Israel Engagement is also working within our Jewish community, providing programs, events, and travel opportunities for young adults and the tools and skills for members of our community to build support for Israel.

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