Santa Clause
(Photo: iStock/HASLOO)

Let’s be honest—Christmastime can be stressful for Jews. We’re surrounded by wreaths, Santas, yule logs (whatever those are), elves, reindeers and the occasional nativity scene. And don’t even get me started on Christmas music, which is the worst offender of all! (Unless it’s Bruce Springsteen’s “Merry Christmas Baby,” which is the only Christmas song I like.)

Even in movies and television we cannot escape the holiday. There are literally so many Christmas movies (and like one Hanukkah movie?!), some of which are super Christmas-y and some less so. But all of them, in some way or another, are about a holiday that Jews don’t celebrate. That said, there are some really great (really!) Christmas-themed movies that are totally enjoyable for everyone. Help us decide on the best Jew-approved Christmas movies—please vote for your favorite so we can rank and review the top five next week! (Or add your favorite in the comments.)

*If you don’t believe “Die Hard” is actually a Christmas movie, just Google it.