It’s almost Hanukkah! Time for menorah-lighting, dreidel-spinning, latke-eating and, yes, reading.

PJ Library plays a huge role in kids’ literacy initiatives for the Jewish community. Do you know about it? You should! They send free kids’ books to families across the world every single month. No overdue library books (not that a good library visit isn’t worthwhile); no Amazon Prime. Just a new book that shows up every few weeks to read in the coziness of home. (PJ stands for “pajamas.”) Books are curated by a committee of early childhood educators and kiddie lit experts for age-appropriateness. The program is geared to kids ranging from 6 months to 8 years old.

One of this month’s signature Hanukkah selections is “The Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas.” It’s about a Jewish family who also has Indian heritage (and who makes dosas, Indian pancakes, instead of latkes). It celebrates the importance of diversity, plus tasty food, too.

PJ Library also sent these Hanukkah reads:

In keeping with the Indian theme, bigger kids (8-11 years old) have PJ Our Way, where they can choose their own books, and they were just mailed one that touches on intercultural celebrations, “My Basmati Bat Mitzvah.” Is Tara Feldstein rejecting her beloved Indian grandmother’s heritage by choosing to have a bat mitzvah? How does she feel about God? And why is her best friend Ben-o suddenly acting so weird? The book addresses stereotypes (and teen angst) in an accessible way.

Bottom line: Free, high-quality books! Seasonal themes! Um, pajamas. What’s not to love? Sign up here.