There are more rugelach versions than the traditional jam- or chocolate-filled (though both of those versions are delicious!). This collection of recipes reflects the wide world of rugelach, from sweet to savory, traditional to more creative. Let’s roll!

Unfussy Rugelach

Unfussy Rugelach – Smitten Kitchen
(Photo: Smitten Kitchen)

This recipe is streamlined—just spin up the dough in a food processor without worrying about ingredient temperatures—and opts for the log-and-slice method.

Croque Monsieur Rugelach

Croque Monsieur Rugelach – Fine Cooking
(Photo: Fine Cooking)

Rugelach don’t always have to be sweet. This version gives the Jewish cookie a savory spin that’s inspired by the classic French sandwich.

Aunt Lil’s Meringue Rugelach

Meringue Rugelach – Penny De Los Santos
(Photo: Penny De Los Santos)

The “Aunt Lil” in the title of this recipe refers to the aunt of Bonnie Stern, the acclaimed Canadian baker and food writer whose rugelach is coveted by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi. This family recipe features a yeasted dough and a meringue filling.

Gluten-Free Rugelach

Gluten-Free Rugelach – Healthy GF Family
(Photo: Healthy Gluten-Free Family)

Karen, the blogger behind Healthy Gluten-Free Family, has been giving her favorite recipes gluten-free makeovers since her son was diagnosed with celiac disease 10 years ago. She includes a good tip about rolling out this dough on a wooden surface to avoid sticking, which is a common challenge with gluten-free baked goods.

Chocolate-Nut Rugelach

Chocolate-Nut Rugelach – Peden & Munk
(Photo: Peden & Munk)

Chocolate is a traditional filling for rugelach, but most recipes don’t put it right in the dough. Doing that here sets this cookie apart for its flavor and appearance.

Everything-Bagel Rugelach with Onion Jam

Everything-Bagel Rugelach With Onion Jam – Emily Dryden
(Photo: Emily Dryden)

Jam is a common rugelach filling, but it’s not usually onion jam. But the sticky, savory filling works in the cookie, and the recipe makes extra so you can repurpose it in other ways.

Vegan Chocolate Rugelach

Vegan Chocolate Rugelach – Rainbow Nourishments
(Photo: Rainbow Nourishments)

Inspired by a trip she took to Israel last year, food blogger Anthea set out to make a vegan version of the yeasted rugelach she ate while there. Her recipe includes great tips about substitutions and process.

Caprese Rugelach

Caprese Rugelach – What Jew Wanna Eat
(Photo: What Jew Wanna Eat)

Leave it to Amy Kritzer from What Jew Wanna Eat to come up with this savory, summery take on rugelach. She originally shared it as a recipe for Shavuot, but it’s a tasty take any time of year.

Pumpkin Rugelach with Sage and Walnuts

Pumpkin Rugelach with Sage and Walnuts – James Ransom
(Photo: James Ransom)

This flavor combination was destined to be turned into a rugelach recipe. The author used baking tips from Dorie Greenspan to develop the recipe, so you know she knows what she’s doing.

Rugelach Bread Pudding Cheesecake

Rugelach Bread Pudding Cheesecake – The Nosher
(Photo: The Nosher)

And now for something completely different: This cross between chocolate rugelach, cheesecake and bread pudding sounds like something everyone should try at least once!