Worrying is the classic Jewish mom stereotype. But we all do it, right? (Dads too, of course.) I took an informal survey of moms with young kids to get a sense of what we’re stressed about. What follows is a totally honest look into the mind of a parent of young kids. I’ve thought about all of these myself.

What do you worry about?

10. That they’ll become friends with kids whose parents I don’t like or don’t feel comfortable with.

9. That he isn’t keeping up with his peers and that his teacher will tell me so at our conference and somehow judge me for it.

8. That his teacher doesn’t see the same happy, funny kid I do, and that she doesn’t like my kid for whatever reason, and for some reason this will affect his academic career.

7. That because she’s shy, she’ll never get the best teachers or the most attention, because people assume she can just get by.

6. That sports will start to get incredibly competitive and stop being fun.

5. That he puts too much pressure on himself to succeed and that I don’t paint a broad enough picture of what success really looks like outside of academics.

4. That she judges her body based on false ideals and compares herself to others.

3. That my sweet, innocent, chubby baby will someday experiment with drugs…or worse, get hooked on them.

2. That I wasn’t home enough and was too focused on providing financial security and working too much.

  1. That he’ll grow up, and we’ll grow apart.

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