How sweet it is: Sufganiyot is popping up on menus around town for Hanukkah, from classic versions to experimental spins. Here are our 11 favorites. As always, check in advance to confirm ordering deadlines and dietary specs.

For sips and sweets

(Photo: Maccabee Bar)

Beloved seasonal pop-up Maccabee Bar at Harvard Square’s Noir Bar arrives through Dec. 31. In addition to Hanukkah-themed cocktails, they’ll serve bar snacks including sweets like sufganiyot from foodie favorite Lionheart Confections, helmed by dessert maven Kate Holowchik.

For techie treats

A4 (1)
(Photo: Area Four)

Area Four—known in Kendall Square for yeasty, savory sourdough pizzas—also sells homemade raspberry sufganiyot every year, ideal for techies looking for a sweet fix. Pick them up by the dozen. Order in advance; check their website for the latest details.

For kosher excellence

Butcherie (1)
(Photo: The Butcherie)

When it comes to reliability and quality, The Butcherie is a safe bet: This longtime Brookline kosher grocer is a tried-and-true sufganiyot specialist, with many flavors: jelly, chocolate, raspberry and more.

For variety

Dushez (1)
(Photo: Dushez Catering)

Dushez Catering offers an impressive variety of sufganiyot: lemon custard, Boston cream pie, halva mousse, Oreo buttercream…the list goes on. Pick them up by the dozen on Dec. 10, and read about Israeli owners Yoel and Galit Konstantine here.

For deli desserts

Mamaleh (2)
(Photo: Mamaleh’s)

Deli favorite Mamaleh’s sells sufganiyot from Dec. 7-14. Enjoy along with favorites like latkes, whitefish and sable. Mamaleh’s has three locations—Boston, Brookline and Cambridge—and they also offer suburban drop-offs for maximum convenience.

For kosher sweets

Blackers (1)
(Photo: Blacker’s Bakeshop)

Blacker’s Bakeshop in Newton crafts seasonal sufganiyot, along with custom cakes, challah (try the chocolate chip) and so much more. They also stock lots of egg-free and vegan items.

For a full feast

Michaels (1)
(Photo: Michael’s Deli)

Order a full Hanukkah takeout spread from Brookline staple Michael’s Deli starting Dec. 4. Owner Steven Peljovich serves latkes, knishes, blintzes, chopped liver, matzoh ball soup—and $4.50 sufganiyot. Portions are generous.

For farm-to-table goodness

Urban (1)
(Photo: Urban Hearth)

North Cambridge’s cozy, farm-to-table hideaway Urban Hearth offers a Hanukkah takeout menu for $85, plus plenty of a la carte to-go options, including sufganiyot. Order in advance.

For classic indulgence

Kane’s Donuts
(Photo: Kane’s Donuts)

Every year, Kane’s Donuts, with locations in Boston and Saugus, offers sufganiyot for pre-order after Thanksgiving. They come with black raspberry jam, a sprinkle of powdered sugar and a raspberry dollop on top. Order batches online or visit the micro-chain in person for singles.

For modern donuts done right

Union (1)
(Photo: Union Square Donuts)

Somerville’s Union Square Donuts, now with a new location in Harvard Square, sells seasonal sufganiyot in bulk: Order three-dozen in fun flavors like halva honey pistachio and Nutella cream-filled, for pickup or delivery. Try them alongside fall-themed flavors like maple brioche and cranberry spice.

For early pre-order

Blackbird (1)
(Photo: Blackbird Doughnuts)

Blackbird Doughnuts opens up their sufganiyot pre-sales on Nov. 27, offering local pickup and delivery from seven locations throughout Boston and Cambridge. Be sure to check out their awesome challah from The Chosen Loaf, too.