Get your dairy on with a Shavuot ice cream party! It’s an easy way to celebrate the holiday—just gather your favorite ice cream, toppings and decor, and dig in.

Here are a few of our favorite sweet treats to inspire kids and adults alike.

Ice cream v2
(Collage image: Miriam Anzovin)

1. Fishs Eddy Amy Sedaris Sprinkles / 2. CB2 Chill Gold Ice Cream Scoop / 3. Yummy World Chocolate Swirl Soft Serve Sally Ice Cream Plush / 4. Honeycomb Ice Cream Cones / 5. Molly Moon’s Chaos Pullover / 6. Talking Tables Ice Cream Spoons / 7. Mini Ice Cream Cone Piñata / 8. Ducky Street Soft Serve Temporary Tattoos / 9. Sweet Lulu “It’s a Party” Ice Cream/Candy Cups / 10. Sprinkles Party Napkins / 11. Giant Prismatic Ice Cream Cone Balloon / 12. Oh Happy Day Gelato Plates