1. binge drink

2. climb tall ladders–and fall off! 

3. jumping jacks (without fearing that my boobs will bounce up and smack me in the face)

4. leave the house with five minutes notice

5. drink lots of coffee

6. eat weird and/or delicious things like sushi that might be bad for me if eaten in massive quantities (mmm, mercury!)

7. scoop cat litter

8. wear frumpy outfits without fearing that I have completely lost my youth

9. wear scandalous outfits without fearing that I’m compensating for losing my youth

10. join a roller derby league

11. drugs

12. complain about other people’s kids at cafes without being hypocritical

Ah, the benefits of being not-pregnant-yet. The thing is, you know what I DON’T want to do? Anything on the aforementioned list. I would love to have an excuse to stay in on Saturday night! And falling off ladders and scooping cat litter aren’t even that fun in the first place. 

But for the time being, I am still not-pregnant-yet, and I will count my blessings and go out partying whenever I want, just because I can. 

My prayer this week: May it be Your will, my Gd and Gd of my ancestors, to give me the patience and creativity to make the most of this time I have before a child enters my life. Please help me trust in this process, however long it takes. I know that I am not in control of everything, and sometimes I should just kick back and have a glass of wine. Please hear my supplication, Adonai, because You are a Gd who hears prayers and supplications–and because I really f$%ing want this. Vnomar, Amen.

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