Every French film has its own unique style of entertaining the viewers. That's one of the reasons why some of us are very fond of watching French films, and it has been very successful all over the world, over the years. Just like all the other movies, It makes us laugh, cry, depress, angry and the list goes on.

As a movie enthusiast who spent a 5-hour watching films in a day to satisfy my obsession with films – and who would want to watch one film before hitting the sack – one of my favorite French films was Amelia. Let me tell you the three reasons why this film had perfectly portrayed some unfamiliar traits of an introvert, and those traits were expressed in a very sensible manner.


3 Reasons Why Watching Amelie Helps You Understand Introverts

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A film that shows an introvert's perspective about love

Every human being has its own kind of weird way of dealing with people, and dealing with life. Audrey Tatou perfectly portrayed his introvert character, a woman who is willing to do every possible and bizarre way to make the people around her happy. An introverted woman that seeks happiness in the small things her life has to offer.


Fall in love with her unique style of saying "love"

Her love story was one the highlights of the film that you need to stay focused on. It was a surreal courting stage, which leave you to decide whether you will get anxious about it or not. Yet, Amelie's way of saying "love" to his significant other is quite entertainingly unique.


Overflowing nostalgic memories were triggered

If you saw the film, you would immediately notice its brilliant approach to people's sense of belonging from. Not in a sense of anything else but in our precious memories of our distant past – our childhood. Our not-a-care-in-the-world childhood to be exact. It started off with Amelie's easily amused face with arranging dominos only to watch them fall, then continued by collecting left photos under the photobooth and arranging them on her album.

It makes you realize that every little thing is magical

From time to time there are movies that would move people, physically and psychologically. You have a heart of stone, if you haven't felt it in this film. This film made me realize that money isn't the only thing that would make an individual happy. Amelie does amazing little things to help the people around her.

I am lucky that I have seen this. Also, I am incredibly happy that I got to download this film with accurate subtitles as I have encountered some subtitles didn't even work, or the file was corrupted. To avoid such problems like; you can check out French subtitling services online. Have fun watching films and don't let the bad subtitles ruin your daily movie-watching habits.

The plot was perfect; the cinematography was mesmerizing; the actors were brilliant; and most of all, It was shown in a very strange way of telling a story. A film that  would make you feel good from start to finish. Ready your popcorn and watch it.


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