The following letter in support of the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act was sent from JCRC to senators Markey & Warren today

Dear Senator,

On behalf of the Jewish community of Greater Boston, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support of the Jewish community and of a robust foreign policy to ensure the welfare and security of the United States, the State of Israel, and of people around the world.

The Boston Jewish community shares an overwhelming consensus in support of President Obama’s commitment that Iran must not be capable of developing a nuclear weapon.  In the hands of a despotic regime, such weapons would represent a strategic and an existential threat to the region and indeed to the world.  Likewise, our community supports President Obama’s efforts to deny Iran this nuclear capability through diplomatic means. We hope and pray that the Interim Joint Plan of Action is a step on the road to ending this regimes’ pursuit of weapons of mass destruction.  We believe, as does the President, that rigorous sanctions played a vital role in bringing Iran to the negotiating table, and we are grateful to President Obama and to the world community for their stalwart support of this strategy.

JCRC believes that the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act, introduced by Senators Menendez and Kirk with the bipartisan co-sponsorship of 56 other senators, will further strengthen the efforts of the P5 + 1 as they pursue these negotiations. As you know, President Obama has pledged that there would be new sanctions if a final agreement is not reached.  We are all aware of the history of Iranian defiance and deceit in the service of their strategic and tactical goals, their ongoing support of the Assad regime and terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, and their shameful record of human rights abuses against their own people.  These factors, along with the delay in the implementation of the Interim Agreement, persuade us that now is the time to codify the President’s pledge.  The Act will strengthen his hand in these negotiations by making clear to Iran that an expansion of sanctions is the inevitable outcome of any failure to step away from nuclear capacity.

It is important to note that the bill calls for the imposition of new sanctions only if Iran fails to comply with the terms of the Interim agreement or if they withdraw from negotiations before a final deal is reached.  Indeed, this bill specifically enables the President to waive sanctions in the event of a successful diplomatic effort.

Therefore, JCRC urges you to support the Menendez/Kirk bill as a critical component of your overall support of efforts to head off the terrifying prospect of a nuclear Iran.

We thank you for considering our perspective on this important issue.


A Letter to Senators Markey and Warren on the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act
Jill Goldenberg
A Letter to Senators Markey and Warren on the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act
Stacey Bloom
Chair, Israel and Global Jewry Committee
A Letter to Senators Markey and Warren on the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act
Jeremy Burton
Executive Director

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