28 january 2012 entry

I refuse to teach without integrity. I refuse to give up. And I refuse to stand alongside the rest. I will not crumble, and I will not accept mediocre.

People think teaching self-defense is easy.

That it is about knowing how to punch and kick.

People think taking a martial art discipline is enough to protect themselves.

People think anyone with a shiteload of certifications, qualifications and multiple black belts know how to teach self-defense.

People who think the above are delusional and have no idea what self-defense is.

Teaching a proven self-defense training system – like PURE KRAV MAGA – is a challenge.

Most people do not want to invest in the time it takes to learn the principles first, techniques second, and applications last. Nor do they want to practice all of that together if it means having to train on their own time as opposed to a dojo-environment.

Then there are those who think self-defense is fitness related. And don’t get me wrong, being in good physical shape is important. I think everyone should strength and weight train in order to keep their bones and muscles healthy. The better shape you’re in, the stronger you will be mentally and physically. However, self-defense isn’t about who is stronger – it’s about who is smarter and who knows how to use their body as a weapon better and quicker. 

People do not understand that PURE KRAV MAGA is about a training ‘system.’

People do not understand the importance of knowing how to protect themselves until the horrific happens to them or a family member. Why do people wait for such an event? Why is a person’s life not worth the investment?

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