Last week Boston’s Hadassah Chapter held their Women of Distinction Event honoring M.K. Dalia Itzik, Knesset member and Chair of the Kadima party and Nancy Falchuk, Hadassah’s National President.

With some 300 people in attendance, the night was filled with energy and excitement. Shlomo Mor-Yosef, director general of Hadassah Medical Organization, spoke about the amazing work Hadassah Hospital’s are doing, including active clinical trials for new MS treatments.

M.K. Dalia Itzik spoke about her personal connection to Hadassah, being born and giving birth in Hadassah Hospital. She spoke of the important work Hadassah is involved in, not only medical but also the social aspects of Israeli Arab’s and Jew’s working together. She spoke of why she has continued to be an adamant Hadassah supporter and how Hadassah is integral to the Jerusalem community.

Then Nancy Falchuk spoke about why she has dedicated her life to Hadassah’s mission. Surrounded by her family and friends to celebrate her many accomplishments, Nancy embodied the work of Hadassah. A “lioness” as Ms. Iztik referred to her, Nancy will continue to power through difficult times, such as the 2008 recession that she shepherded Hadassah through, and inspire people to follow her lead, as she has as National President.

Both Ms. Falchuk and Ms. Itzik have broken through glass ceilings while making every move look easy and flawless. Where many people see obstacles, these women see opportunities. The idea of moving to new heights and accomplishing their goals has never been in question.

Even in today’s world, we have a long way to go before true equality is met. Where the top executives in most fields are primarily men, it takes women like Nancy Falchuk and M.K. Dalia Itzik to break the barriers and move women into true equality.

Hadassah applauds the women who continue to fight for the future and never stop their mission. Ms. Falchuk and Ms. Itzik inspire all women to continue their dreams and never take no for an answer.

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