It is hard to believe that 6 years ago our journey with adoption began. Although there was no map, the direction was clear but the coordinates were unknown. We knew how our journey would end (well, at least we thought so) but we weren’t sure how to get there nor what type of turbulence we would encounter en route. We knew that our family would be larger after the trip but we had no details of what type of detours, stops or surprises we would face along the way. Travel to a new place is always a bit scary yet exciting at the same time. This was destined to be a once in a lifetime trip that would emblazon memories and evoke emotions far greater than one could imagine.

Our travel agents for the journey worked together to make our trip as seamless as possible. The team of professionals and non-professionals (primarily made up of family and friends) joined forces making our voyage so memorable. I distinctly remember our first meeting with the team from Adoption Choices (even have a picture on the steps of the 1960’s brick office building that houses the agency) whose soothing words and manner helped us piece together the itinerary for our journey. I can dredge up memories of the initial $300 phone call with our lawyer spelling out everything that could go wrong and the expenses that we may incur. Which then quickly brings to mind the phone call with our social worker down in Florida, who talked about all that would go right as long as we stayed emotionally strong and kept the will to press forward. I recall the first conversation we had with our very supportive parents broaching the idea of adoption. And, who could forget the conversation with our, then, 5 year old son…trying to explain the concept of adoption and why it was our plan. It didn’t go as smoothly as it could have. Instead of just saying “Great mom and dad”……our son, JJ, just kept on asking questions, “Why can’t you make another baby?” “What do you mean that my new sister will be in another mommy’s tummy?” Guess we shouldn’t have been so surprised the he couldn’t process our convoluted answers. None the less, everyone in our little world from the 5 year old who had tons of questions to the 90 year old who questioned nothing and was completely supportive, our travel guides were nothing but driving forces who kept us moving forward, picked us up when we were down, laughed with our joy and held us when we were frightened.

Our itinerary didn’t go as planned: extensive turbulence led to delays and surprises were around each corner. Yes, the turbulence was unsettling and kept us on our toes. But the surprises were what left the greatest lasting effect, one surprise in particular. One morning as I sat at my desk gazing out the window at Boston Harbor, my phone rang. It was our social worker, ML, from Florida who asked me to conference my husband in on our phone call. My heart began to race and my mind began to imagine the worst…did the birth mom change her mind this late into the process? Once my husband was on the phone, ML suggested that he lay down. I really began to get nervous but then ML let us know that our adoption of a beautiful baby was not in jeopardy but there was something that she did need to tell us. She then blurted it out, “It is twins!” This was the most amazing surprise that we could have ever imagined on our adoption journey.

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