created at: 2012-11-15November 14, 2012 – Boston, Massachusetts – In the wake of events today concerning continued attacks on Israel by Hamas and Israel’s attempt to defend itself, AJC Boston has issued the following statement.

AJC calls on the international community to condemn the ongoing rocket attacks on Israel from Hamas-ruled Gaza and support Israel’s right to defend its people against these attacks.

Since October 1, 2012, more than 300 missiles have been directed against Israel by Hamas and its allies. During that period Israel has exercised extraordinary restraint in order to allow for a diplomatic solution to the crisis. Regrettably, there have been few voices of anger and outrage, much less committed attempts to stop the violence. Instead, while Hamas turns Gaza into a missile platform for attacks on Israel, the international community has been mostly silent and the Emir of Qatar has travelled to Gaza to lend his political and economic support to the Hamas regime.

Faced with more than 300 hundred missile attacks in little more than a month and the inability of the international community to act vigorously to restrain these attacks, Israel is now faced with the need to defend its citizens. Over a million Israelis have been driven into bomb shelters; sometimes multiple times a day.

Given these circumstances, “no one should be surprised if Israel, like any other country in a similar situation, responds to defend its citizens when they are attacked by a terrorist regime,” stated AJC National Director David Harris.

According to AJC Boston Director Rob Leikind, “We all hope that violence will be replaced by negotiations that will lead to peace. But, Hamas has insisted that it will settle for nothing less than Israel’s destruction and its actions bear out its intent. Israel has a right and an obligation to defend its citizens.”

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