Our Temple Emanuel Hartman Learning Initiative begins this shul year with an online program with Dr. Micah Goodman.

What is going to happen in Israel when later this month the Supreme Court has a hearing on, and issues a ruling about, the Knesset’s vote this past summer eliminating the Supreme Court’s power to invalidate laws it deemed unreasonable?

If the Supreme Court validates the Knesset’s move, what will be with the significant energy against what is broadly seen by hundreds of thousands of protesters as neutering the Supreme Court and undermining Israeli democracy? On the other hand, if the Supreme Court declares the Knesset’s move improper, the prime minister has already affirmed that the Knesset will not heed the Supreme Court, in which case there will be a full-blown constitutional crisis in a country without a constitution. This is unchartered territory. This is unsettling.

Micah Goodman, our friend and teacher, is a broadly beloved and respected public intellectual in Israel, and he is working 24/7 to create a positive way forward. In the midst of his Elul teaching at Beit Prat for a rising generation of post-army Israelis finding new meaning in Judaism, Micah is making time to give us an update from Jerusalem.

We are so grateful to Micah for his love of Israel and for his wisdom and friendship.

Let’s pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and let’s learn from our friend on the ground.

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